April 14-16, 2023

Holiday Inn Auburn
75 North St., Auburn NY

rochester erotic arts festival

Workshops at the 2023 Festival

2023 REAF Schedule

UPDATED COVID Policy: MASKS REQUIRED in all public areas. Up-to-date vax/boosters, daily rapid tests, and KN95 masks are strongly encouraged but not required for entry. If you feel ill, please stay home! See full Covid Risk Reduction Policy.

All workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are FREE (included in your admission price). Workshops are open to all attendees, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or experience levels.

Ginger and Ryan (aka "The Professor")

Ginger and Ryan (aka "The Professor") are relationship revolutionaries and sexcation provocateurs with a mystical twist. They share their reflections on love, relationships, and living a passionate life through their retreats, guiding sessions, and podcasts.
Instagram: @gingerbentham and @ryanakaprof
Twitter: @gingerntheprof and @intelforeplay
Web: IntellectualForeplay.com / LifeOnTheSwingset.com / SwingsetDesire.com

Ginger and Ryan (aka "The Professor")
  • Tuned In, Turned On: Connecting on All Frequencies: Join Ginger and Ryan from the Life on the Swingset and Intellectual Foreplay podcasts to explore the energetic facets of attraction and connection. Experiment with tuning in to yourself and your partner as you play with consent and accessing altered states through mindfulness and shamanic practices. During the session, Ginger and Ryan will introduce simple multi-sensory experiential practices that you can take with you to deepen your connection with partners, playmates, and lovers. While there is a beautiful erotic energy that can flow during these practices, all remain clothed and vertical during the session. Where this enhanced energetic connection takes you beyond the session is up to you!
  • Swinging 101: So you have considered the swinging lifestyle or other non-monogamous activities with your partner - now what? Swinging can be a great way to expand your relationship, but there are many topics to be aware of before you decide to get started. We will discuss:
    * The many types of swinging or non-monogamy
    * The do’s and don’ts of swinging
    * Talking to your spouse or partner about non-monogamy and swinging
    * Communications, rules and expectations
    * How to meet the right couples and/or singles
    * Clubs, Parties, Meet & Greets and the Swinger Community activities
    * Websites and sexy vacations
    We share our experiences, answer your questions and help you get informed about the Swinging Lifestyle.
  • Hosting Swinger Mixers: Mix and mingle in a welcoming and sensual atmosphere, whether you have been in the lifestyle for years or are dipping your toes in for the first time. Ginger and Ryan and our other hosts will help you feel comfortable meeting others in the swing lifestyle.

Luna Matatas

Luna Matatas is a Sex and Pleasure Educator with over 15 years of experience teaching sex, kink and empowerment workshops. She celebrates body confidence, self-adoration and building shame-free pleasure in and out of the bedroom. She created Peg the Patriarchy® and Meditate Medicate Masturbate® brands as part of her sex-positive and feminist merchandise.
Web: www.lunamatatas.com

Luna Matatas
  • Fun with Fluids: Want to have fun with sexy fluids, safely, creatively and shame-free? From semen to squirting to pee, fluids can make our sex lives juicier but can also come with a mess, insecurity and a yuck factor. This workshop will discuss the fluids that can be involved in sex and pleasure:
    - How to have fun with fluids in foreplay
    - Improving communication with new and existing partners around cum, saliva, pee and other fluids
    - Practical tips for managing mess
    - Navigating shame or disgust around fluids
    - Health and safety for fluid sharing
    - How to create erotic scenes with confidence
    - Techniques for squirting, swallowing, watersports/pee play, saliva, facials and ejaculate
    Please note, this class contains no nudity or live body demos, this is a presentation style workshop.
  • Face Sitting Skills: If I sit on their face, will they die? Do you think face sitting is hot but are worried about squishing someone's face? Are you hungry to be on the bottom but don't know what to do with your arms? Want to hop on and ride but your knees say 'nope!'? Face sitting is hot for a lot of reasons and challenging for a lot of reasons. Any body and any gender can enjoy face sitting! In this class you'll get skills for:
    - What to do on top
    - What to do on the bottom
    - How to communicate during face sitting
    - How to use positions and props to accommodate your bodies
    - Tips for rimming and cunnilingus
    - What to do with bellies, balls
    - How to feel confident on top and how to encourage your top to feel confident
  • How to Have a Threesome: Have you fantasized about a threesome? Unsure about how to approach a couple or a single for group sex? Want tips for talking to your partner about this sexy fantasy? Group Sex Goddess Luna Matatas will provide you with practical tools to explore a sexy landscape of more than two bodies. We’ll cover topics like:
    - From fantasy to reality – communication skills
    - Threesome etiquette and ‘couples privilege’
    - How to find a Unicorn
    - Do I have to be bisexual to have a threesome?
    - Getting it started and keeping it going
    - Avoiding awkwardness
    - Managing physical and emotional risks (e.g. jealous, insecurity, fear)
    This workshop welcomes inexperienced and experienced singles and couples of all genders to explore the ways to maximize pleasure in your threesome experiences.

Laura Boyle

Laura Boyle is a writer, polyamorist, and educator who has been teaching classes on polyamory, sexuality, boundaries, kink, and the intersection of those since 2018. She is the author of Ready for Polyamory: A Pragmatic Guide to Consensual Non-Monogamy. After more than 14 years in consensually non-monogamous relationships, in polycules that have ranged from temporarily closed Vs to constellations whose shapes are increasingly indescribable depending on which relationships folks consider worth including, she loves to share practical information learned from years of fixing her own mistakes and missteps. This, along with a desire to share theoretical information about CNM on a wider scale, led to the foundation of the Ready for Polyamory blog and podcast in 2020.
Web: www.readyforpolyamory.com

Laura Boyle
  • Beyond the Kitchen Table: Modes and Models of Parallel Polyamory: Many polyamorous "authorities" present kitchen-table groups as the holy grail of polyam interactions, and while these relationship styles work well for many people, structures that fall outside that framework can be equally positive and healthy. This class will focus on building parallel relationships, being intentional about your choice of how much to interact with your partners' wider networks and how to openly communicate about:
    - How to be entwined in someone's life but not close with a meta
    - "Stepping off the relationship elevator"
    - How to negotiate wanting a different level of interaction than a meta does
    - Balancing D/s concerns with poly concerns
    - Maximizing personal responsibility and minimizing stress on hinge partners
  • Non-Escalator Relationships: Strategies and Challenges: In polyamorous relationships, but especially solopolyamorous or Relationship Anarchist relationships, we often step off the "relationship escalator" - that "first comes love, then comes marriage" pattern we all know from nursery rhymes that says our relationships are most valid if they end in the death of one half of the dyad after a lifetime together. Relationships that choose to operate otherwise pick their own milestones, celebrations, and end points, and this class offers up a workshop-style discussion of the various ways folks have chosen to do this as well as strategies to overcome common challenges to living life "off the escalator."
  • Intentional Relationships: Communication Strategies for Couples: There are ways of talking, making agreements, and looking at attachment style & arguments that are popularized in discussing non-monogamy that are actually really helpful for dyads of any style. This class is "What can polyamory teach the monogamous?" And it's about:
    - organizing your time together more intentionally
    - avoiding falling out of balance because of gender roles and relationship escalator stereotypes
    - nonviolent communication strategies
    - only truly fighting if it's a hill you're willing to die on
    - identifying common hiccups in communication caused by mis-matched attachment styles that you can work together to build toward relationship security.

Miss Mackenzee

Miss Mackenzee is a Professional Dominatrix, Certified Erotic Hypnotist, Sexual Wellness Coach, Lifestyle and Adult Industry Mentor, as well as an International BDSM and Sex Educator. Miss Mackenzee co-hosts the Kink, Intimacy, and Cannabis Lounge podcast and is highly sought after for private lessons, conventions and graduate programs at major universities. She has brought her experiences and skills to various organizations such as Kink.com, Widener University, TES, SF Citadel, Dark Odyssey, Celebrity Cruiseline, VoxBody Studio, Wicked Grounds, Black Thorn/Sacred Muse, SINergy, Kinky Kollege, Bound In Boston, YNot, SheBop, Adventures in Sexuality, ROPECRAFT, Weekend of Wickedness, Purple Passion, Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, Sexploratorium, EXXXotica, and many others. She prides herself on creating a fostering environment that is safe from societal judgments for people to explore their kinks and sexuality.
Web: MissMackenzee.com

Miss Mackenzee
  • Playing Creatively From the Neck Up: Join this dynamic workshop for a closer look on the delightful ways to focus your attention from the neck up to really toy with your partner. This class is designed with a focus on consent and safety while engaging in play with a very fragile part of the body. We're talking cheeks, scalp and hair, ears, tongue, nose and lips! A lot of chemical compounds will have a warning to keep out of your eyes but we'll go over how to safely play with certain chemicals on the face. This class isn't all about painful or torturous experiences as we will also go over the many erogenous zones that can be played with as well. Not only will you hear the perspective of a Dominant who has been in the lifestyle for 20+ years, but you will also hear from her submissive of 7 years as it is important to learn from both sides of the slash. Discussions will include, but are not limited to:
    - Ways to play with an orally fixated bottom
    - The dos and don'ts of hair pulling
    - Proper face slapping techniques
    - Sexy sensory deprivation ideas and what they can do for the mind
    - Getting creative with a limited area of the body
    - Gear recommendations and where to shop
    - Tons of exciting demos!!
  • How to Stop and Avoid Predators: We’ve all heard the words predator, narcissist, sociopath, and manipulator. Now let’s talk about how to protect ourselves from these dangerous people. Most discussions on this topic are focused on the tops who abuse their power. In this class we will not only address what to look out for when a top preys on vulnerable bottoms, but also the bottoms who are not as innocent as they appear. No matter how you identify, these helpful tactics will help keep you safe. Just as there are deceptive people in the vanilla world, they exist in the kink community as well. In this class we will talk about red flags such as ignoring limits, disregarding safe words, and more. Sometimes the line between a healthy BDSM dynamic and an abusive one can be blurred, and sometimes that's what predators count on. This workshop will discuss the differences and how to advocate for yourself.
    Some other topics that will be covered are:
    -What to do if someone keeps pressuring you for anything
    -Energy vampires and how to shield yourself from them
    -Navigating negotiations and advocating for your needs
    -What does a thorough vetting process look like?
  • Earning Your Stripes: Canes for Days: Do you love the beautiful stripes a cane leaves behind but don’t know where to start? This workshop is perfect for you. In this class we’ll go over the many different types of canes and how to pick the right one for the kind of sensation you want to give your bottom. This implement doesn't always have to be sadistic and we will cover how to use them in a more sensual manner. Learn how to create the marks your masochistic submissive craves. We want to hurt our bottoms, not harm them. There are so many fun ways to use a cane and including different types of play with one, including predicament play! Some other subjects we will talk about are:
    -Safety, including the best places to strike
    -The history of canes
    -Caring for your cane
    -How to make your very own cane!
  • Bugger Off: Annoyance Play: The word “annoy” tends to have a negative connotation to it so let’s redefine it and have some fun! BDSM doesn’t have to be all serious business. There is a way for everyone to enjoy the scene while also tormenting your bottom. Have you ever looked at your partner and thought “aww they look so peaceful. I wonder what would happen if I stuck a fruit snack up their nose” then this is the class for you! We’ll explore the fun and lighter side of sadism! Not only will you be hearing from a seasoned player, but you’ll also be able to get a bottom’s perspective from Miss Mackenzee’s submissive. In addition to a wealth of knowledge, there will also be exciting demos included in class. Some topics to be discussed in class:
    - Safety, consent, and negotiations
    - Different ways to annoy your partner
    - Ways to enhance your scene with a fun flare
    - Navigating the potential to make someone angry
    - Mental games and how to include it in your play
    - Creativity with flicking, poking, etc
    - How to connect with your bottom while you pester them
    - Using annoyance as a distraction
  • Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis: Getting Into the Mind: We’ve all seen or heard about stage hypnotists and how they make people cluck like chickens or some other crazy performance. That may have turned a lot of people away from hypnosis but this class is designed to educate and enlighten you about the truth of hypnosis. There’s no acting or elaborate stage play going on. Erotic hypnosis is about getting the bottom’s conscious mind to take a back seat, allowing their subconscious mind to come forward and relinquish its deepest desires. In this class we’ll discuss different induction methods for getting your bottom into a nice trance-like headspace, and setting them up to place triggers or post-hypnotic suggestions. It’s not about losing all control and becoming a zombie while someone else is behind the wheel. Erotic hypnosis is a great way to build a connection and explore your fantasies in a new and exciting way. Leave this class with the basic skills of how to enchant and entrance as a top and how to relax your mind to allow someone in. We will include shattering myths about what hypnosis is; how to enhance fetishes through the power of the mind; using erotic hypnosis for behavior modifications; navigating consent and safety; creativity and having fun with hypnosis.

Temptress Ari

Temptress Ari (she/her) is a sadomasochistic switchy polyamorous queer. She first discovered the kink community over a decade ago and has been in love ever since. Ari is a self dubbed “professional queer” and loves to educate on sex and gender, sexuality, nonmonogamy, and kink. A real life rainbow unicorn, Ari is also a dog mom, an avid knitter, and loves all things sparkly.

Temptress Ari
  • Active Allyship: Want to be a better ally, but unsure where to start? Join Temptress Ari for a workshop about ways we can all be allies to minoritized communities, from sexuality, to race, ability, and beyond. We’ll cover the foundation of why allyship is important before covering topics including the basics of inclusive language, what to say when someone says something biased, and how to create kink and sex-positive spaces that are inclusive and accessible. You’ll leave this workshop with a better understanding of what it means to be an ally and actionable skills to use moving forward.

Knotty Gal

Knotty Gal (she/her) is a passionate rope educator and lover of all things rope—she's an experienced rope bottom and growing rope top/self-suspender. In her teaching, she aims to make rope accessible, demonstrating that every body (regardless of ability, size, gender, age) can tie or be tied. Beyond rope, KG enjoys teaching/facilitating discussions about consent, power exchange, and other kink/BDSM topics. Knotty Gal is also a self-described 30-something grandma who likes sweets, vintage clothing, going to bed early, and her cat.

Knotty Gal
  • Rope, Scarves, Cuffs, Oh My! Bondage for the Bedroom: Looking for quick and easy ways to tie someone up without getting tied down in all the fuss of fancy rope bondage? This class is for you! We’ll discuss the safety of different bondage restraints and ways to use what you already have around the house. Fun demos will show you how to keep someone in that exact right position. This class is designed to be accessible for people of all levels, body types, genders, sexualities, and abilities.

Mister Rich and Brinalynn

MisterRich and brinalynn are a phenomenal Cg/l (Caregiver/little) duo who both love spreading knowledge and education about the lifestyle, particularly consent and Cg/l dynamics. MisterRich is a sadist who finds great joy in torturing his beautiful princess and indulging all the things that make her heart pitter patter, which include taking care of their minizoo and homestead, rope, impact, more impact, swinging and tea parties! They also run CNY Little Scouts.

Brinalynn and Mister Rich
  • Littles Coloring and Craft Time: Come crafting with us!! We will have fun spring crafting, coloring and relaxing in the littles room!! If you'd like to know more about the littles lifestyle, you are welcome to join in the fun. You can wear your baby or kids clothes, or whatever you are comfortable in (bottoms must be covered, no dirty diapers allowed).
  • Littles Disney Karaoke: Bring your blankey and pillow and come snuggle up. If you'd like to know more about the Littles lifestyle, you are welcome to join in the fun. You can wear your jammies or whatever you are comfortable in (bottoms must be covered, no dirty diapers allowed).
  • Littles Story Time: Cartoons and stories with Mister Rich. Pajamas welcome. Snacks will be served.
  • Littles Sticker Swap and Stuffie Adoption: Come check out our stuffie adoptions (clean laundered stuffies looking for new homes can be dropped off anytime). Bring stickers to swap with others and color with us!!
  • Caregivers Roundtable: Come join others in the Cg/l community to share trials and tribulations, stories, ask questions and learn from others.

  • CGL and You: Come talk about CGL (Caregivers/littles) and what it means to you. What is it? Where do you fit? What is regression? What is ageplay? What if I’m a switch !?
  • Littles Pancake Social A flipping good time! Come in your pjs and share in a special little middles and caregivers breakfast. Get it while its hot!
  • Littles Origami Paper Arts: Origami and other crafts
  • CGL Real Talk - The Darker Side of CGL: Taking the BOOOO out of taboo - spankings and sexual energy. Whattt do we do with that!?
  • Paci Decorating: Come decorate a pacifier with us!
  • Erotic Playground: Face painting and old school games. Bring a game to share or shake your booty during the Erotic Playground in the littles room!


Otter is an Earth-based, Gnostic Christian, a Universal Life Church Pastor, a Life Coach, and former mental health provider. An occasional explorer of his feminine side in the guise of Jasmine Jules, Otter has knowledge of pleasure and kink, spirituality, and film. He is a gifted storyteller, and a perverter of action figures. He is privileged to be fluid bonded to the Wonderful Mistress Sensual, the woman you all know simply as "Susie."

  • Doodles "Crayon Therapy": Otter is looking for unconventional women, men and persons in between who are willing to bare it all. And by all, I mean your soul, your scars, your imperfections, and your transformations. If you have never been naked, think of this as "Crayon Therapy." If you think you are not eye candy or perfection, then let my band of misfit artists prove that you are worthy of being a model; an imperfect perfection. Be Brave. Be Yourself. Be Naked and Free!

Susanna McDonald

Susanna McDonald is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a 350 HR yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance. She is trained in Vinyasa, Traditional Hot, Yin, and Animal Flow. Susanna runs a virtual personal training business, Train With Susanna LLC, where she helps busy professionals, age 30-45, gain strength, flexibility, and a wellness-mindset. Susanna resides in Rochester, NY with her puppy, Winston. Both Susanna and Winston are hopelessly in love with Susanna's boyfriend, Luke, who will be assisting class.

Susanna McDonald
  • Stretching for Good Sex: If you have sexy time on your agenda, but you don’t know how to warm up your body, this class is for you. I want for you to feel like your body is limber for sex and teach you how to avoid cramping. Whether it’s your hips, jaw, or wrists, we will move through every part of your body, awakening it to fluidity, so you can greet your encounter with confidence. You’ll leave this class feeling empowered to try that athletic sex position that you’ve had on your list.
  • Yin Yoga: Let slow, relaxing movement be the come down from your weekend. We’ll engage in ground based poses with longer holds to soothe the nervous system. If you’ve heard of the “chill kind of yoga” this is it. Feel into your exhale, and join us.


Shadow-Dragon is an Upstate NY based kinkster, pony, and crafter.  He delved into pony play at REAF in 2016, and fell in love with it, resulting in a host of new friendships and yearly trips to Folsom St. Fair. An engineer by trade, Shadow has delved into gear building, and takes pride in his cart, harness, and other gear.  He looks to share the things he enjoys with others and give them the opportunity to try new things.

  • Hands-On Pony Play: Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a human pony?  To pull a cart?  To wear a bit in your mouth and respond to reins?  For couples, ever wanted to have your partner pull you around in a cart?  Just want to hang around and chat about pony play and pony gear?  Well, this is your opportunity.  This will be a low-stress chance to try out some aspects and gear of pony play. Shadow-Dragon will be providing his pony gear and cart.

SwitchSpace and Rose

SwitchSpace (he/him) is a kinky, bi, poly, geeky rubberist and BDSM player for the last twenty-plus years. Rubber has long been an attraction, going back prior to any sexual context and as far back into childhood as he can recall. He happily recounts stealing rubber gloves from the doctor's and dentist's offices or borrowing his mother's dish gloves to enjoy the unique scent and feel. Having been in the BDSM community for a number of years, he enjoys discussing and introducing others to the fetishes and play styles of his speciality.

Rose (she/her) has been a kinky rubberiest for several years, writing on experiences in latex and submission. In addition to lovingly serving her Master Switchspace, Rose takes every opportunity to offer advice and provide her experience on bottom while in latex. Whether a rubber doll, latex kitty, or shiny toy, Rose is more than happy to help, at least when she is not tied down.

  • Latex Clothing: Intro to Play and Care in Your Shiny-Wear: So you have a shiny new outfit, but now what?  Learn about the dos and don'ts of play in your latex, how to best care for it, and an overview of how to do repairs.  You will be introduced to details about play that avoids causing tears or punctures, all the way through to fixing them when they do happen.

    Photo: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SDG_Latex_Hands.jpg

Lazer and MizP

Lazer (she/they) has been involved in the BDSM lifestyle and has been planning and hosting BDSM events for the past 12 years. They are on the REAF staff and work on many behind-the-scenes projects and are the workshop team leader. They love seeing newbies find their way and have guided many folx through a first dungeon or play party experience focusing on consent, etiquette, and safety.

MizP has been in the lifestyle for the last 14 years. She has served her local community as a management team member of Syracuse D/s Society for the past 12 years. She has hosted hundreds of events and play parties over the years and has welcomed a multitude of new folks into the dungeon, giving them a comfort level to begin to explore WIITWD.

  • Dungeon Orientation (FRI - Pt 2 for Playroom Wristband): It's not unusual to feel unsure about what to expect before the first time you visit a dungeon. In this orientation, attendees will learn about general expectations, etiquette, and appropriate behavior in BDSM dungeons as well as the house rules of the REAF dungeon. A lights-on tour and Q&A session will help you enjoy your dungeon experience to the fullest!

Madam Tessa and Ms Medusa

Madam Tessa and Mz Medusa are the founders of RocDommes, an exclusive femdom club in Rochester. The club is a haven for women and femmes in touch with their inner power and those who find serving a strong woman the ultimate pleasure.  They host a variety of events including munches, tea parties, dance nights, private parties, educational workshops, and themed events.  www.rocdommes.com

Madam Tessa has been involved in the world of domination and power exchange for over 15 years and has been a full time professional dominatrix for 7 years.  Her fascination with understanding the subconscious urges that drive submissives towards particular kinks allows her to create deeply immersive and satisfying experiences for her subs. As an extension of RocDommes, Madam Tessa has created a distinguished alliance of prodommes to empower and support one another.  She personally mentors new dommes beginning their careers and helps submissives find dommes with similar areas of interest. www.madamtessa.com

Rauncie/ MzMedusa is a goddess dominatrix who has been in the lifestyle for over 25 years.   She is a pagan High Priestess who specializes in BDSM ordeal and vampyre themed ritual scenes.  She provides the bdsm community with alternative weddings, funerals and other life passage rituals.   She is an experienced birth and death doula and considers herself a midwife of the soul.  She is one of the co-producers and art curator of REAF.  Rauncie is also the owner of MzMedusa productions and coordinates goth/industrial events for charity.  She is a professional tarot reader. TikTok: Granny_Goth. YouTube Granny Goth Rauncie.  www.Rauncie.org

Madam TessaMzMedusa (Rauncie)
  • Dungeon Orientation and Exploratorium (SAT - OPEN TO ALL): It's not unusual to feel unsure about what to expect before the first time you visit a dungeon. In this orientation, attendees will learn about general expectations, etiquette, and appropriate behavior in BDSM dungeons as well as the house rules of the REAF dungeon. A lights-on tour and Q&A session will help you enjoy your dungeon experience to the fullest!
  • Inside the World of Dominatrixes Roundtable (Madam Tessa): Join us for a fascinating conversation with a diverse group of dominatrixes, each with their own unique approach to domination and BDSM. Our panel includes a mix of lifestyle dominatrixes, professional dominatrixes, and online dominatrixes, as well as those who specialize in areas such as sensual domination, sadistic domination, financial domination, and Goddess worship. Our panelists will discuss their specialties, share their experiences, and answer questions from the audience. Whether you’re new to the world of BDSM or an experienced kinkster, come explore the many shades of domination and submission, and learn more about the fascinating world of Femdom.
  • Finding Your Inner Domme: Challenging Stereotypes, Embracing Individuality, and Learning to be Selfish (Madam Tessa): In this class, we will explore how women can break free from harmful stereotypes and societal expectations as Dominatrixes and embrace their own desires and motivations. We will emphasize the importance of communication, consent, and individuality in a Femdom dynamic, and help participants develop a deeper understanding of their own boundaries and priorities. Additionally, we will focus on the challenges that women face in learning to be selfish in a world that socializes us to prioritize the needs of others. We will explore ways to overcome these challenges and empower ourselves to pursue our own needs, fantasies and passions. Whether you are a new Dominatrix or experienced in the Femdom lifestyle, this class offers a supportive and empowering environment to explore your own unique approach to power play. Join us as we celebrate the diversity and individuality of every woman as she finds her inner Domme.
  • Collaring Ritual (Pagan High Priestress MzMedusa): This group collaring ritual is a ceremony for Femdoms and their submissives who would like to have a spiritual ceremony as part of their commitment to each other.


"I'm the epitome of Schadenfreude, though there is a lot more complexity to me than simply being a sadistic bitch. I have a dominant persona that somehow harmonizes with my own masochistic pleasures. Pain is a transcendent experience for me as a bottom, but as a sadist, pain is a vital need that fuels my soul." Schadenfreude has presented workshops at events such as Beat Me in St Louis, Camp Crucible, Ohio Pony Camp, The Geeky Kink Event, and REAF. In 2013, she was named Grand Champion at Camp Crucible's Legendary Pony Show.

  • The Sensual Art of Biting: Biting is as sensual and complicated of an art as kissing, yet few practice it as much. In this workshop, you will learn and practice the seven sensual (and some sadistic) bites of the Kama Sutra, as well as biting safety. This is an interactive class so please bring a partner to nibble upon.
  • Let It Go: A Guide to Processing Pain: Submissives, come learn how to turn Ow into Ooo! This class will teach a multitude of pain processing techniques that will help you become a heavier masochist by expanding your pain threshold and tolerance. Bring a toy that you have difficulty enduring (yes, your Dominant may count as a toy) for discussion and guided practice.


Wulfe is a master crafter of whips, floggers and dragon tails and owner of Wulfe Tail Whips.  He has been handcrafting whips and floggers for over 10 years.  He has been active in the BDSM lifestyle for over 11 years and currently serves the community on the management team of the Syracuse D/s Society as one of the education coordinators.  

  • Firecupping: You've all seen the images that look like someone lost a fight with a giant squid/octopus. Cupping can be a fun and versatile type of play. Fire cupping can be exciting, put on a great show, be relaxing, delightful and an interesting form of sensation play! Join Wulfe as he covers the history of cupping, the difference between cupping for kink (dry/fire/wet) vs traditional uses, safety, proper technique for safe and sensual use of fire cups as well as offer alternatives if fire isn’t your thing (or you’re somewhere that fire is prohibited). Fun with fire and carnal delights... what's not to love!

Rochester Kink Society/Schonspiele

Rochester Kink Society (RKS) is a social organization dedicated to providing a means for BDSM and kink-oriented individuals to network, teach, learn, share, practice and discuss BDSM and related kink. We host regular parties in our facility, a premier dungeon in upstate New York. During parties, we have dungeon monitors staffing the dungeon to ensure play is safe, sane, and consensual. rochesterkinksociety.com

Rochester Kink Society (RKS)
  • REAF BDSM 101 (Pt 1 for Playroom Wristband):  Whether you're kinky, kink-curious, or just want to learn, this class has lots to offer you! We will be covering the most important topics for a dungeon space to ready you for the REAF dungeon. Included will be terms, consent and negotiation, limits, scene safety, headspace, and aftercare. This class is one of two required classes for non-vetted Playroom passes. Open to ALL ATTENDEES.

Master Satoris

Master Satoris (they/them) is the Director of MAst: Rochester and has been highly involved in the kink community for over 20 years. Professionally, they've worked in many different areas where people skills and communication are a foundation for day to day working relationships. They're currently transitioning into Life Coaching, specializing in the LGBTQ and the kink communities. This will allow them to address the specialized needs for those that fall under either or both of these umbrellas. In the kink community, they have volunteered in several capacities, such as giving classes and presentations, advocating, dungeon monitoring, etc. They are on a lifelong quest to learn, grow and help others achieve their happiness and goals.

Master Satoris
  • Role With It: Many of us are familiar with the basic roles used to describe our interests within the Kink and BDSM community. The most common titles include Dominant, submissive, Master and slave. However, the ways in which we live out those roles, the kinks which accompany them and the behaviors we exhibit when expressing them; can be as unique and diverse as the individual themselves. Come and explore a wider variety of various kink identities- and maybe discover more about yourself!

Emmenation and Otter

Emmenation is a midwife/nurse-practitioner who works in sexual, gender, and reproductive health. Ze completed a PhD in sociology where ze/she studied gender and sexual health in New York and New Delhi. She is also a proud (and relieved) parent of a wonderful offspring man-being. Ze belongs to a kinky collective in India, a dungeon in the Fingerlakes, has a Buddhist practice, and is devotedly swept away by the beautiful Earth, waters, winds, and stars.

Otter is an Earth-based, Gnostic Christian, a Universal Life Church Pastor, a Life Coach, and former mental health provider. An occasional explorer of his feminine side in the guise of Jasmine Jules, Otter has knowledge of pleasure and kink, spirituality, and film. He is a gifted storyteller, and a perverter of action figures. He is privileged to be fluid bonded to the Wonderful Mistress Sensual, the woman you all know simply as "Susie."

  • Kink, Queerness & Spirituality, Past & Present: We didn’t invent kink or queerness, but in the shadow of taboo some of us may feel like we did, or we may have been told we were acting out “unnatural desires.” But - we belong to a deep current of humanity! This entertaining presentation opens discussion about erotic histories that wind through human societies and will focus on ART and SPIRITUALITY that nudge us to consider these related questions:

    - What are the gifts and responsibilities of pleasure?
    - What can we learn about the healing and life-giving power of Kink and Queer sexuality?
    - How can we emphasize communication, exploration, consent and pleasure to build a just community?

    You are invited on a (joy ride) guided tour of erotic pleasure. We explore connections to ancient, global, cultural roots of queerness and getting our kink on. We’ll talk about some lived examples, some research, some speculation, and then facilitate a more open discussion, so that people may participate and share their findings and experiences.

Ruby Sparkles

Ruby Sparkles is the headmistress of Sirens and Stilettos Cabaret. She has been a dancer for most of her life, and has tried almost every type of dance, but she loves burlesque and the art of the tease the most. She started performing burlesque in 2012 in Buffalo, and shortly after started Sirens and Stilettos Cabaret in Rochester NY. Since then Ruby has traveled and performed all over Western New York, and in Ohio, Tennessee and New York City, loving everything that sparkles.

Ruby Sparkles
  • Make Your Own Pasties: Learn to create you own bedazzled bosom accessories from the expert on rhinestones and tassels, Miss Ruby Sparkles! Bring any special decorations you would like to decorate your pasties with. We will provide hot glue guns, foam paper, rhinestones, scrap fabric, scissors and sequins.

Alissa Kalmus

Alissa Freer-Kalmus, LPMFT (she/they) is a Marriage and Family Therapist and sex therapist at Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness. Alissa recently earned a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from University of Rochester. Alissa has worked with a diverse population of clients experiencing a wide range of clinical concerns. She is LGBTQIA+ and kink affirming, as well as knowledgeable about the polyamory and consensual non-monogamy culture. Alissa has been in the poly/kink community since 2020 and prides herself on working and existing in the community. Web: https://rochestercenterforsexualwellness.com/team_member/alissa-kalmus-lpmft-psychotherapist/

Alissa Kalmus
  • Sex Therapy 101: “Why should I go to sex therapy?” Sex therapy is not often viewed as the first line of defense when a couple is exploring outside therapeutic help. However, sex therapy can be beneficial to those in many types of relationships, including monogamous/non-monogamous relationships, and kink/BDSM. In this workshop, we will discuss the basics of sex therapy, including why it is important, how it can help various types of relationships, and how sex therapy can be used in daily life.

Lisa Price

Lisa Price is the Tribe Leader of Deviant Dance Tribe of Fayetteville NY. As an instructor, Lisa is known for her descriptive awareness, which allows students to become mindful in their movements and inspired in their ability. Web: https://www.deviantdancetribe.com/

Lisa Price
  • Smokin' Hot Jazz Dance Class: This classic Jazz style is exactly what your heart throbs for. Participants will learn a simple but powerful combo which will expand from slow, lingering movements to sharp, sensual poses. This class concentrates on technical nuances and fosters an emotional connection that will feed your soul and spirit. As an instructor, Lisa is known for her descriptive awareness, which allows students to become mindful in their movements and inspired in their ability.  Come get down with that melty Deviant style. This is a beginner level class. Comfortable, breathable clothing is best, and soft-soled dance shoes or bare feet are perfect for dancing on hard floors.

Leah Camilleri

Leah has been studying and performing a variety of movement and dance since a very age young age. Starting out with tap, jazz, ballet, and modern dance, she also studied martial arts and eventually found her way to musical theater and acting. Graduating from Nazareth College’s Theatre Arts program, she focused on acting, and how movement and physicality pertained to performance. In the 2010’s delved into Belly Dance, at the Goddess Hour Dance studio, and the found her way to the art form of Burlesque. Leah is currently an instructor of fusion belly dance and burlesque, her weekly classes are at Kinections Studio in Rochester, and are attended by all kinds of adventurous, fearless women. Web: https://www.facebook.com/prettykittiesburlesque

Leah Camilleri
  • Beginning Belly Dance: Are you ready to shimmy, shake, and move like a snake? Then Beginning Belly Dance is the class for you! Join Belly dancer Leah as well as some of her fabulous students, for an hour of sensual movements and spicy dancin! Whether you are totally new to dancing or an experienced mover n shaker doesn’t matter. This class is about having fun, learning an age-old sultry and seductive style of dance. It’s also an enjoyable work out. All levels are welcome! Class will start with a basic head to toe warm up, then we’ll break down some technique and movement vocabulary. Once those moves start to feel at home in our bodies, we can string them together to make some sexy combinations. Think of the them as mini choreography you can take with you to share with a special someone(s). We’ll go over some fast and slow moves, as well as traditional versus more casual/modern styles. And we always end class with a little lead and follow freestyle fun! Get ready to shake those hips, and move your belly to the groove!
  • Chair Dance for Beginners: Let’s pull up a chair, and get down-n-dirty! This dance class is full of sass and ASS! Join Leah and the Pretty Kitties for a fun dance class using a chair as your partner. We’ll start with a basic warm-up, then break down some movement technique and dance vocabulary. Once you feel at home in your chair, we can string those movements together for some sexy combos and explore some different dance and music styles to show off for your sexy someone(s). No dance experience needed, and I’ll give you plenty of modifications or extra challenges so you can choose your own adventure within the class. All you need is clothing you can move in and no inhibitions to get the most out of this sexy, daring workout!
3 Hot Peppers

Special Sessions

Sybian Rides TBA

For over ten years, Dr. Bumpy and his Sybian have been well-traveled, pleasing vaginas at numerous swing and bdsm events. Dr. Bumpy is always a gentleman and makes riders feel comfortable. Companions welcome.

  • Sybian Rides: A Sybian is powerful sex toy designed to bring sensual pleasure to vaginas.  It consists of a saddle-like seat with a powerful motor inside that provides both vibration and rotation.  A diverse selection of attachments, from flat tops to a variety of insertables, enables riders to choose how to experience this amazing machine. Our guide will help you choose the attachment, set up the machine, and give instruction on proper use. After the ride, he sanitizes the equipment for the next person.  Here's your chance to take a ride! Times are listed on the festival schedule, and/or by appointment.

Obsidian and Danger Tramp

Obisidan has been dabbling in the BDSM lifestyle for over 8 years, identifying as a slave princess/service top, and enjoying impact, rope, fantasy and whimsy. She enjoys games of all sorts... even the sadistic ones. Danger Tramp will charm you with that look of whimsy in his eyes as he's torturing a bottom.

Obsidian and Danger Tramp
  • Super Happy Fun Times Game Show: Join us for some fun filled kinky trivia! We promise it won't hurt... too much. Dom/sub partners can volunteer to play this game in front of a small audience. If you know the answer to the question, you "buzz in" by giving your partner a spank.

3 Hot Peppers

Social Gatherings

Upstate NY POC Mixer TBD

This is an opportunity to meet the members of the Upstate NY POC group in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Hosted by: Chyna Doll

Furries  Mixer

Whether you have a fursuit or not, or just love furries, you are welcome to come hang out and make some new friendships.

Hosted by: TeebaDerg

Pet Play Mixer

Are you interested or active in pet play? This is an opportunity to meet other pets and pet owners, ask questions, dress as a pet, and cavort with ponies, puppies, kitties and more.

Hosted by: Shadow-Dragon

MAsT Mixer

Mix and mingle with others interested or active in power exchange relationships. Curious or experienced, all are welcome.The leaders of MAsT: Rochester will be on hand to support your understanding or continued growth in power exchange.

Hosted by: Master Satoris and Rhiannon

Rope Jam

Please join us for rope skill sharing and community building! This is an informal opportunity to practice your rope skills and learn from each other.

Hosted by: RocRopeShare

Littles Social and Craft Hour

Join your littles friends and their middles, mommies, daddies and caregivers for fun activities, snacks and networking in the Cg/l community. If you'd like to know more about the littles lifestyle, you are welcome to join in the fun. You can wear your baby or kids clothes, or whatever you are comfortable in (bottoms must be covered, no dirty diapers allowed).

Hosted by: Mister Rich and brinalynn