April 19-21, 2024

Holiday Inn Auburn
75 North St., Auburn NY

rochester erotic arts festival

Workshops at the 2024 Festival

2024 Schedule

COVID Policy Up-to-date vax/boosters, daily rapid tests, and KN95 masks are strongly encouraged but not required for entry. If you feel ill, please stay home!

All workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are FREE (included in your admission price).

Workshops are open to all attendees, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or experience levels.

Laura Antoniou

Proud member of the Middle Aged Guard Laura Antoniou is the author of the well known Marketplace series of erotic novels, and the award-winning Killer Wore Leather along with dozens of short stories, essays and other works in various genres for over 30 years. Winner of the NLA *and* Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Awards, she nevertheless intends to keep living for quite some time. A popular speaker on topics relating to alternative sexual practices aka kinky sex - she has presented, taught and ranted at over 150 conferences and events all over the world since the 1980's, delivering enlightenment, entertainment and indictments. She has also appeared at colleges and universities, including Harvard, NYU, Rutgers, Columbia and the University of Washington.

SUBvert the DOMinant Paradigm: Alternative Models for D/S Relationships

Owners and slaves, parents and offspring, subs and doms; in a world that celebrates the erotic imagination, it's funny how limited our relationship models tend to be. Feel like you don't fit into someone else's definition? Wondering if there's a style that suits *your* desires and needs? Then explore relationship types from other sub-cultures, history, and pure fantasy. Free yourself from tired limits and labels so you can better describe who you are, what you want and where you want to take your kink!

Have a Cookie! Using Rewards in your BDSM Relationships

While much erotic imagination goes into the punishment side of things, rewards are essential for creating a more fulfilling relationship dynamic based in dominance and submission. And it's not just one directional! Learn to identify methods of praising and rewarding each other that are personal and reinforce the values you have set for your relationships. Examine the difference between rewards and praise, the importance of consistency and balance, and how using rewards can lead to greater communication.

For Your Own Good: Using Punishment in your BDSM Relationships

The number one fantasy of BDSM kink is someone getting punished, whether in pure fantasy or as part of a structured relationship. But so many get it WRONG! Explore the reasons for, and effective methods of punishment to enhance and strengthen a relationship based upon authority and obedience. Examine the concept of punishment and its myths, uses, limits, and how to create punishments that are appropriate to the moment. Learn why the words discipline and punishment are not synynoms in this context, and why you must have the former to engage the latter. Punishment dynamics can actually benefit both top and bottom and reinforce the positive values of your relationship if you use these fundamental principles.

Luna Matatas

Luna Matatas is a Sex and Pleasure Educator with over 20 years of experience teaching sex and empowerment workshops. She celebrates body confidence, self-adoration and building shame-free pleasure in and out of the bedroom. She teaches 30+ sexy skills topics; including threesomes, BDSM and sexual confidence. She created Peg the Patriarchy and Meditate Medicate Masturbate brands as part of her sex-positive and feminist merchandise.

Seducing The Butt

Anal sex can be intimidating and amazing all at the same time The key ingredients to awesome anal? Patience, Play and Lube. Luna Matatas is bringing techniques to upgrade your anal play and increase pleasure. You'll learn things like anal pleasure anatomy, the joys of butt toys, hygiene and safety tips, and techniques for internal and external anal stimulation.

Dirty Talk Skills

Dirty talk can add seduction and flirtiness to your sex life. But we know it can be intimidating to know what to say, how to say it and at what moments. Talking dirty can be a powerful tool for roleplay, power exchange and scene communication. This workshop with Luna Matatas will explore creating fantasies with words, compliments and communication and help you to develop playful confidence with dirty talk. You'll learn 6 types of dirty talk, tips for navigating shyness, ways to practice erotic creativity, and playing with non-verbal expression.

Skills for G-Spot and Squirting Joy

Curious about G-spots and squirting? Where exactly is the G-spot? How does it like to be stimulated? Can anyone squirt? Is it pee? Get the answers to these questions and more in this class! Join Luna Matatas to learn about vulva pleasure anatomy, G-spot myths, best toys for G-spot stimulation, managing squirting mess, top techniques for orgasm and more.

Miss Mackenzee

Miss Mackenzee is a trauma-informed International BDSM and Intimacy Educator, Certified Hypnotist, Kink Lifestyle & Professional Dominant Coach, Relationship & Sexual Wellness Coach, Owner of Elysium Dungeon, Host of Kink, Intimacy, and Cannabis Lounge Podcast, content creator, and writer. She is the director of BDSM and Intimacy University as well as the founder of Crafty Goddess Gallery, which makes and sells one of a kind BDSM toys, furniture, and more. She has taken over 10,000 hours of continued education to become a better educator and mentor. She has been in the kink lifestyle, professionally and personally, for over 20 years and teaching for 15+ years.

The Ultimate Guide for Teasing and Orgasm Control

Wouldn't it be fun to learn exciting new ways to make your partner's pleasure really last? What about discovering ways to tease them while out at dinner? You will have them filled with such desire that they're dying to get home. Keeping your partner on the cusp of release can be such an erotic, sensual game. We'll cover ways to please the ones we love by using toys or our bodies alone. We'll learn the art of timing, rhythm and pacing. You'll help your partner experience more powerful and intense orgasms through the practice of edging.

Finding Your Place: Neurodivergency in Kink

Did you know that 15-30 percent of the world's population exhibits some form of neurodivergence? The crossover of folks who are neurodivergent (ND) and kinky is almost unbelievable. We'll explore how to better understand your ND partner as well as how neurodivergence can affect play. Will include: What does being ND mean exactly?; Differences and considerations to be made for someone who is ND such as someone who has ADHD or is on the autism spectrum; Why are ND folks drawn to BDSM?; Ways to help center someone who may be triggered; What communicating and navigating conversations about play look like for ND people.

Blurring the Lines: Consensual Non-Consent:

A taboo workshop with demos that will take you down a rabbit hole. Trigger Warning: may include rape play and intense edge play. Consensual Non-Consent (CNC) play is consenting adults engaging in a scene where one of the people acts as if they are not enjoying it and are fighting back. If you are hesitant to dive into the deep end, there are fun and playful ways to dip your toes into CNC. We will give you the tools to confidently talk with your partner about it. Includes: Navigating the tricky realm of consent with CNC; How to negotiate for CNC play; How shadow play can be healing and empowering; Including CNC into your sex or play; What to do in case things don't go as planned; The importance of aftercare and how to connect afterwards.

E-Stim: The Pleasures of Electrosex

Are you looking for a fun way to play hands-free? Or maybe you wish you could inflict multiple sensations at once, but you're only one person. Gain a wealth of knowledge including safety information, vital negotiation questions to ask, and more. Though there are tons of health benefits when used in a traditional manner, let's explore the sexy side of using a TENS unit. Includes: Techniques to shock and excite your partner; Proper placement of pads on all genitals; Internal and external hands-free orgasms; Fun toys and where to get them; Overloading sensations with electroplay; Exciting demos.

Boomerstud & SoonerBabe

Boomerstud and SoonerBabe are a Dom/sub couple that have been in the lifestyle for over 10 years. They are most known for a unique style of play called Body Drumming, which is a combination of impact play and a rhythmic massage. Using homemade implements, custom cases, and an innovative sound system, it offers a truly immersive experience, which they love to demo at events they attend.

Intro to Body Drumming

Music "impacts" our lives in many ways. We use it to relax, motivate, entertain, express ourselves, and improve our well-being. It helps us connect with other people, brings back happy memories, alters our mood, gives us energy, and even helps with pain processing. Body Drumming is a unique style of play that incorporates the many benefits of music, and combines it with the fun of an impact session, or the relaxation of a massage. Depending on the participants, the songs, the implements, and the intensity level, every session can be a totally different experience. In this class, you will learn the basics of what Body Drumming is, how to do it safely, how to make your own implements and playlists, and to try it yourself.

Grumpy Steve & Michele

Grumpy Steve and Michele have been Master/slave for 27 years. They are currently focused on providing those new to the lifestyle with opportunities to learn, grow, and develop in a safe environment. They started and grew Munch & Learns and Kink Nights with a focus on bridging the gap between Kink and Swinger lifestyles. They also teach wax play at the Baltimore Playhouse's monthly Kink - First Contact events. Steve loves impact, knives, needles, and rope. Michele loves wax play. She spent six months researching candles, wax, and blends to create the perfect, safe wax play candle, now sold at Too Hot to Handle Candles.

Wax Play Safety Class

Wax play is a great way to start the journey into kink. In our experience, it is one of the most universally liked kinks for those new to the lifestyle. Likewise, it is fun for more experienced kinksters as well. However, we have heard too many horror stories of people getting second and third degree burns because they either used the wrong wax/candle and/or they heated it improperly. This class will discuss the various types of wax available (and the differences between them), various ways to heat the wax and to wax your bottom, safety, wax removal, and cleanup. There will also be a discussion on negotiation and aftercare.


Leah has been studying and performing a variety of movement and dance since a very young age. Starting out with tap, jazz, ballet, and modern dance, she also studied martial arts and eventually found her way to musical theater and acting. Graduating from Nazareth College's Theatre Arts program, she focused on acting, and how movement and physicality pertained to performance. In the 2010's she delved into Belly Dance at the Goddess Hour Dance Studio, and then found her way to the art form of Burlesque. Leah is troupe director and main choreographer for Pretty Kitties Burlesque. She is currently an instructor of fusion belly dance and burlesque.

Belly Dance for Beginners

Are you ready to shimmy, shake, and move like a snake? Join belly dancer Leah and some of her fabulous students for an hour of sensual movements and spicy dancin! This class is about having fun, learning an age-old sultry and seductive style of dance. It's also an enjoyable work out. Class will start with a basic head to toe warm up, then we'll break down some technique and movement vocabulary. Once those moves start to feel at home in our bodies, we can string them together to make some sexy combinations. Think of them as mini choreography you can take with you to share with a special someone(s).

Lee Spencer

Lee Spencer is a local artist and dancer. She has been creating art in many different forms for over 20 years, including mixed media and collage art. She is a part of an art group called Cathedral Collective and dances with Deviant Dance Tribe.

Erotic Collage Workshop

In the Erotic Collage Workshop, participants will use erotic images to create a mixed media collage using Mod Podge and paint on thick Bristol paper. All materials will be provided and this workshop is open to all skill levels! Come make art with me!

MisterRich and Brinalynn

MisterRich and brinalynn are a phenomenal Cg/l (Caregiver/little) duo who both love spreading knowledge and education about the lifestyle, particularly consent and Cg/l dynamics. MisterRich is a sadist who finds great joy in torturing his beautiful princess and indulging all the things that make her heart pitter patter, which include taking care of their minizoo and homestead, rope, impact, more impact, swinging and tea parties! They also run CNY Little Scouts.

Responsibility in Ageplay

Come talk about personal responsibility, accountability in little space, self care and other little tidbits

Caregivers Roundtable

How to make miracles and keep it magical

Sticker Swap and Stuffie Adoptions

Bring stickers to swap while you make new friends and maybe meet a new stuffy you’d like to adopt!

Coloring Meditation Time

Soft lighting, music and voices please- bring a blankey and your favorite coloring book and take time for relaxation.

Nellica Rave

Nellica brings a body positive, therapeutic model to boudoir photography in the CNY area. While many of her clients are timid vanilla soccer moms, she recognizes that every human is on a body acceptance journey. With an MFA in costume design, adding 20 years of portrait photography experience and a swirl of NLP hypnosis, she guides women of all shapes, sizes, ages and kinks into expressing their sexy selves. Nellica's clients truly love their body in the art they create together.

Boudoir Photography

Have you ever tried to take naughty photos? Did your camera refuse to capture the sexy feminine form you just know is there? Was the woman in the photos absurdly critical of her every flaw? Join Nellica as she walks you through every detail of a successful boudoir session, from mindset to lighting, from poses to expressions. She'll share tricks of the trade that will have your next model seeing herself the way you do, thru eyes of acceptance and love.


Otter is an Earth-based, Gnostic Christian, a Universal Life Church Pastor, a Life Coach, and former mental health provider. An occasional explorer of his feminine side in the guise of Jasmine Jules, Otter has knowledge of pleasure and kink, spirituality, and film. He is a gifted storyteller, and a perverter of action figures. He is privileged to be fluid bonded to the Wonderful Mistress Sensual, the woman you all know simply as "Susie."


Doodles is a rapid fire sketching class with an emphasis on first time models... less than "idealistic bodies" drawn by non-professional artists. Sketch artists will be given less than ten minutes to complete their drawings. The true purpose of Doodles is to encourage models who have never had the opportunity to see themselves as "Model Material." People who have never stood naked or semi-nude are given the opportunity to see themselves captured in pencil drawing by those who have less than perfect artistic skills. Be brave. If you are one who says "I Can't draw" or "No one wants to see me naked" ... then this is the perfect experience for you.


Savvy has been involved with REAF since the first festival and has taught a variety of classes. She is passionate about living a healthy life and identifies as part mermaid! Savvy has been teaching water aerobics for several years. She was a synchronized swimmer (water ballet) for 2 years in school. She was voted most inspirational member at her gym. She has a master's degree in mathematics with a minor in health.

Water Aerobics - Finding your inner mermaid

Start your day with a splash in the pool. This aerobics class will cover use of your entire body - allowing you to feel refreshed and ready to face a very full day ahead of you. This aerobics class will be clothing optional.


Shadow-Dragon is an Upstate NY based kinkster, pony, and crafter. He delved into pony play at REAF in 2016, and fell in love with it, resulting in a host of new friendships and yearly trips to Folsom St. Fair. An engineer by trade, Shadow has delved into gear building, and takes pride in his cart, harness, and other gear. He looks to share the things he enjoys with others and give them the opportunity to try new things

Hands-On Pony Play

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a human pony? To pull a cart? To wear a bit in your mouth and respond to reins? For couples, ever wanted to have your partner pull you around in a cart? Just want to hang around and chat about pony play and pony gear? This will be a low-stress chance to try out some aspects and gear of pony play. Shadow-Dragon will be providing his pony gear and cart.

Susanna McDonald

Susanna McDonald is a women's holistic wellness coach, serving private clients via live coaching programs on Zoom. Susanna helps her clients gain mobility, strength, nutritional savvy, and a wellness mindset. She is a 650HR yoga instructor with experience in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Bikram, and Yin. She is also a certified personal trainer and a nutritional behavior coach. Susanna is an alumna of Princeton University and the University of Rochester's Simon Business School.

Partnership Yoga

This is tandem, heart-centered yoga, meant to bring you closer to your special person. We will go through postures that help you and your partner to open each other's bodies, and deepen the care and intimacy between you. Suitable for all levels.

Sacral Chakra Yoga

The sacral chakra is the second chakra in the human body. It is the center of sexuality. creativity, and emotion in the body. This class will involve lecture, breathwork, chanting, movement, and meditation, all seeking to balance the sacral chakra. Suitable for all levels.


SwitchSpace (he/him) is a kinky, bi, poly, sarcastic, geeky rubberist and active BDSM enthusiast. Between being an engineer by trade and his 20+ years of experience in the BDSM community, he has created enjoyable combinations of styles and techniques that give rise to unusual and unique scenes. Often included in these experiences are custom equipment, toys, electronics, and the like. He is on the harder edge, but he is very friendly and loves discussing and introducing others to the fetishes and play styles of his specialty.

Precarious Predicaments

Imagine playing with someone and suddenly being given a choice of two paths forward: Is one choice better? Will it matter? Feeling like being stuck "between a rock and a hard place"? Sounds like a Predicament... Predicament is defined as a difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation and in kink we can use this to our advantage as part of our play. Predicament scenes are generally very creative and pull in different aspects of the personalities of the players involved. This class will demonstrate a live predicament scenario along with providing attendees background, strategy discussions, and tips for planning your own.


Tempest began her rope journey in 2014 as a rope bottom and continued as a rope switch throughout the following years. Between rope tops she learned to self-tie. Her instruction came from many resources and individuals who entered her life, one of whom left a lasting impression instilling in her a passion for Ichinawa and the beauty of rope as an art form. Tempest started an Art & Shibari Group in Minnesota in fall 2022, and began receiving requests for instruction from there. Rope has always been her first love in kink and source of peace and healing.

Intro to Ichinawa

This class will cover how to do a single and double column tie, some of the frictions, rhythm, tempo and flow, utilizing one rope to begin. It will also cover how to join the ropes if you choose to use more than one in your flow. If you do not have rope, rope will be available for your use. Partner recommended, but not required.

Temptress Ari

Temptress Ari (she/her) is a sadomasochistic switchy polyamorous queer. She first discovered the kink community over a decade ago and has been in love ever since. Ari is a self dubbed "professional queer" and loves to educate on sex and gender, sexuality, nonmonogamy, and kink. She harbors a passion for equity, authenticity, and community, and is thrilled to share her skills and knowledge with other perverts and deviants. A real life rainbow unicorn, Ari is also a dog mom, an avid knitter, and loves all things sparkly.

Don't Hunt the Unicorns: Ethical Nonmonogamy 101

Relationships can be tough to navigate when you're following a "traditional" path. Add in nonmonogamy, and you have a whole new set of questions and challenges to work through. This workshop will introduce the umbrella concept of ethical nonmonogamy (ENM) and the different relationship structures that fall within it, including polyamory, swinging, and so much more! We'll cover vocabulary, communication methods, and problem-solving when things get sticky. Whether you're just starting to think about ENM or you've been poly for years, this workshop will provide opportunities for questions and experience sharing for all.

Fisting 1O1

Fitting someone's whole hand inside you can seem wildly intimidating, but for some of us, that's half the fun! Whether you're topping or bottoming, fisting is not an entry level activity. This workshop covers the logistics of fisting, from why to how, including safety, negotiation, technique, and aftercare. For the cautiously curious and the salaciously seeking alike, this workshop will both inform and tantalize, concluding with a live demo.

Tere Marie of Cycle Alchemy

I'm Tere (pronounced TREE), and I help women UNTAME and RECLAIM themselves. Through the 4 P's: Planets, Plants, Pussy and Personal Agency, I help women liberate themselves into their most unique, authentic expression of self, and live a deeply connected, pleasure and purpose filled lives. By "night" I'm a Holistic Reproductive Health Educator, astrologer, feminine embodiment muse and Somatic Movement Facilitator. By "day" I'm an organic farmer and hedge witch.

The Garden: The Lush World of Female Anatomy

Here is the Sex Ed class you NEVER got in High School! The most ubiquitous comment I hear from women in my work is "Nobody taught me about my own body!". To truly live pleasure forward, deeply connected lives (both with ourselves and partners), we need to understand the biology and physiology of these incredible bodies we live in! In this workshop, we will cover the lush world of female anatomy and how the menstrual cycle works. We will take this a step further, and delve into how you can use this knowledge to take full ownership of your pussy AND yourself, and create sensual experiences of your DREAMS.

Dance Floor Church: Somatic Movement Ceremony

In Dance Floor Church, we explore our nervous systems, tap into our deepest flow state, learn to work with trauma and emotions stored in the body, and reclaim our personal power through movement and dance. This practice helps you embody your most authentic self and feel more confident and powerful. We will explore various techniques and practices, including: breath work, nervous system regulation, yoga, meditation, womb wisdom, un-choreographed (and VERY sexy) dance. Each class opens and closes in sacred circle, with opportunities to share and be witnessed in your experience.

Violet Vixen & Ruby Reign

"Violet Vixen (Vi) has been in the scene for close to a decade. They have a professional background as an educator and coach, and a profound passion for community, mutual aid, and human connection. These traits combined have naturally driven them to serve the kink community as an educator and coach. Miss Ruby, Mistress of the House at the Black Diamond, is a lifestyle and professional Domme having played in the scene for about 10 years. She regularly teaches BDSM 101 classes and has years of experience teaching vanilla topics, too. Violet Vixen and Ruby Reign are lifestyle partners and a teaching duo united by their shared passion for educating within the kink space."

Sexy Talks and Safe Walks - Negotiating Your Kinky Journey

Whether you're new to kink or a seasoned player, this class focuses on developing and refining negotiation skills for a safer, healthier, and more fulfilling play experience. We will delve into the art of negotiation, emphasizing communication as the core. Explore vetting, pre-scene discussion, in-scene check-ins, and post-scene feedback to build a comprehensive understanding of negotiations. Dive into various negotiation frameworks and tactics, tailoring them to your individual preferences. From discussing limits to navigating risks, this class equips participants with practical tools for creating consensual, risk-aware, and enjoyable play. Join us to enhance your negotiation skills, fostering a safer community for all.

3 Hot Peppers

Special Sessions

Sybian Rides TBA

For over ten years, Dr. Bumpy and his Sybian have been well-traveled, pleasing vaginas at numerous swing and bdsm events. Dr. Bumpy is always a gentleman and makes riders feel comfortable. Companions welcome.

  • Sybian Rides: A Sybian is powerful sex toy designed to bring sensual pleasure to vaginas.  It consists of a saddle-like seat with a powerful motor inside that provides both vibration and rotation.  A diverse selection of attachments, from flat tops to a variety of insertables, enables riders to choose how to experience this amazing machine. Our guide will help you choose the attachment, set up the machine, and give instruction on proper use. After the ride, he sanitizes the equipment for the next person.  Here's your chance to take a ride! Times are listed on the festival schedule, and/or by appointment.

Obsidian and Danger Tramp

Obisidan has been dabbling in the BDSM lifestyle for over 8 years, identifying as a slave princess/service top, and enjoying impact, rope, fantasy and whimsy. She enjoys games of all sorts... even the sadistic ones. Danger Tramp will charm you with that look of whimsy in his eyes as he's torturing a bottom.

Obsidian and Danger Tramp

    3 Hot Peppers

    Social Gatherings

    POC Mixer TBD

    This is an opportunity to meet the members of the Upstate NY POC group in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

    Hosted by: Chyna-Doll

    Furries  Mixer

    Whether you have a fursuit or not, or just love furries, you are welcome to come hang out and make some new friendships.

    Hosted by: TeebaDerg

    Pet Play Mixer

    Are you interested or active in pet play? This is an opportunity to meet other pets and pet owners, ask questions, dress as a pet, and cavort with ponies, puppies, kitties and more.

    Hosted by: Shadow-Dragon

    NA Meeting


    Hosted by: x

    Littles Social and Craft Hour

    Join your littles friends and their middles, mommies, daddies and caregivers for fun activities, snacks and networking in the Cg/l community. If you'd like to know more about the littles lifestyle, you are welcome to join in the fun. You can wear your baby or kids clothes, or whatever you are comfortable in (bottoms must be covered, no dirty diapers allowed).

    Hosted by: Mister Rich and brinalynn