April 14-16, 2023

Holiday Inn Auburn
75 North St., Auburn NY

rochester erotic arts festival

Workshops at the 2023 Festival

COVID Policy: Will be determined in January. Be prepared for vax/booster and mask requirements.

Workshops at 2022 REAF (not updated yet for 2023)

All workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are FREE (included in your admission price).

Knotty Gal, Temptress Ari, and Taco

Knotty Gal (she/her) is a passionate rope educator and lover of all things rope—she's an experienced rope bottom and growing rope top/self-suspender. In her teaching, she aims to make rope accessible, demonstrating that every body (regardless of ability, size, gender, age) can tie or be tied. Beyond rope, KG enjoys teaching/facilitating discussions about consent, power exchange, and other kink/BDSM topics. Knotty Gal is also a self-described 30-something grandma who likes sweets, vintage clothing, going to bed early, and her cat.

Temptress Ari (she/her) is a sadomasochistic switchy polyamorous queer. She first discovered the kink community over a decade ago and has been in love ever since. Ari is a self dubbed “professional queer” and loves to educate on sex and gender, sexuality, nonmonogamy, and kink. A real life rainbow unicorn, Ari is also a dog mom, an avid knitter, and loves all things sparkly.

Taco is a Syracuse based gleeful sadist, Dominant, poly rigger who delights in both suffering and pleasure. An engineer by day, weirdo by night, Taco brings his vast knowledge and experience in kink into the local community as an educator and group admin for CNY K&B, where he shares his passion for kink, power exchange, non-monogamy, rope, and various other interests/lifestyles with the community. Taco’s goal is to help provide the basic tools and knowledge so everyone can explore the kink frontier. He can always be found willing to lend a hand and help out. Outside the lifestyle, Taco enjoys long walks through tank museums, being an Eternal DM, and getting lost in the wood shop.

Brinalynn and Mister RichTaco
  • Fucking Queer: Sex Ed for Safety and Pleasure: Temptress Ari and KnottyGal. This is the sex ed you wish you’d gotten in school! What's the deal with strap on sex? Can someone with long nails be a fisting top? Are dental dams really necessary? We'll answer all these questions and more! This workshop will cover a variety of queer sex logistics, from outlining the various types of sex acts, to safe(r) sex, pleasure, communication, negotiation, and consent.
  • Achy Breaky Bod: Kink, Sex and Chronic Pain: KnottyGal. A kink in your neck putting a cramp in your scene? Come to this class to find out how someone with chronic pain can plan sexy fun times and have hot kink scenes! We'll discuss mindfulness and chronic pain, communication skills around unique body needs, the role of pre-care and aftercare, and adaptive ways to play as a top and bottom.
  • Knot Your Basic Rope Bondage 101: KnottyGal and Taco. Ready to explore rope but knot sure where to start? Whether you want to use rope for sexy bedroom times, emotional connection, or for fun, there’s something for everyone, regardless of role or experience level! This introduction to rope bondage covers the fundamentals: a brief history of rope bondage, safety, consent, and some basic ties for anyone to use. We’ll also discuss how to be tied, communication skills, and give you lots of simple, creative ideas of how to use rope! We hope you walk away with the skills to create a fulfilling rope experience.

    This class aims to be inclusive of all abilities and body sizes and includes some adaptations of simple ties. We welcome partnered and unpartnered rope people (self-tying is encouraged!). There will be time for questions and discussion throughout. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring 2 (30 ft) and 2 (15 ft) pieces of rope OR 3 (30 ft) pieces also work. There will be limited rope available to borrow, but you can also support REAF’s vendors and purchase a starter rope kit!.

Mister Rich and Brinalynn

MisterRich and brinalynn are a phenomenal Cg/l (Caregiver/little) duo who both love spreading knowledge and education about the lifestyle, particularly consent and Cg/l dynamics. MisterRich is a sadist who finds great joy in torturing his beautiful princess and indulging all the things that make her heart pitter patter, which include taking care of their minizoo and homestead, rope, impact, more impact, swinging and tea parties! They also run CNY Little Scouts which will resume meeting in person this spring.

Brinalynn and Mister Rich
  • Littles Craft Time: Come crafting with us!! We will have fun spring crafting, coloring and relaxing in the littles room!! If you'd like to know more about the littles lifestyle, you are welcome to join in the fun. You can wear your baby or kids clothes, or whatever you are comfortable in (bottoms must be covered, no dirty diapers allowed).
  • Littles PJ Movie & Popcorn: Bring your blankey and pillow and come snuggle up for a special showing of Brother Bear. This is a quiet event and we ask that there is minimal in and out traffic. If you'd like to know more about the Littles lifestyle, you are welcome to join in the fun. You can wear your jammies or whatever you are comfortable in (bottoms must be covered, no dirty diapers allowed).
  • Littles Story Time: Come share a special story with us as Mister Rich and other caregivers read special stories. Pajamas welcome. Snacks will be served.
  • Littles Sticker Swap and Stuffie Adoption: Come check out our stuffie adoptions (clean laundered stuffies looking for new homes can be dropped off anytime). Bring stickers to swap with others and color with us!!
  • Caregivers Roundtable: Come join others in the Cg/l community to share trials and tribulations, stories, ask questions and learn from others.

  • Littles Punishments and Funishments: Come learn all about punishments and funishments with Mister Rich and other caregivers as we share what works. This includes single littles/ middles providing self care! How to hold your bottom accountable and keep it fun, until it's not.
  • Littles Pancake Social A flipping good time! Come in your pjs and share in a special little middles and caregivers breakfast. Get it while its hot!
  • Littles Crafts and Games: It's time to play! Come play board games, make fun crafts and visit the nursery to check out all the cool toys!


Otter has been drawing and sketching as long as he can remember. Given the chance to take on the Doodles workshop, he didn't hesitate for a second!

  • Doodles Erotic Drawing Session: Doodles and giggles, boobies and sketches... enjoy a playful, relaxed drawing session with Otter. He'll tease out your creativity with his mangled humor and tantalizing models! You don't need to be an artist to enjoy this session.

Susanna McDonald

Susanna McDonald is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a 350 HR yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance. She is trained in Vinyasa, Traditional Hot, Yin, and Animal Flow. Susanna runs a virtual personal training business, Train With Susanna LLC, where she helps busy professionals, age 30-45, gain strength, flexibility, and a wellness-mindset. Susanna resides in Rochester, NY with her puppy, Winston. Both Susanna and Winston are hopelessly in love with Susanna's boyfriend, Luke, who will be assisting class.

Susanna McDonald
  • Partner Yoga: Have you ever wanted to bring your partner into your yoga practice? Or wanted to develop a yoga practice with a partner? Come learn how in this duo-flow. No special clothing or set up required. Bring your open heart and a desire to connect.

    P.S. Singles welcome! You can find a flow partner in class.

Katfish Mermaid

Katfish Mermaid has an extensive performance background in music, modeling and film and is active in many sports and fitness activities. With an outgoing and energetic attitude, she will create a one-of-a-kind experience for you with fin-tastic flair.

Katfish Mermaid
  • Photo Op: Have your photo taken with our beautiful mermaid!
  • Mermaid Swim Lessons: Learn how to swim in a mermaid tail. If you have a tail, bring it with you. We will have a few on-site available for you to try out.

Marlee Dater

Marlee Dater is a Healing Artist with the desire to empower anyone who has ever felt marginalized, unseen, or unloved to realize just how BEAUTIFUL they are inside and out! Weaving together her background as a professional performing artist with her achievements in the energetic and somatic arts, Marlee uses the power of creative life force energy to help her clients heal on all levels: body, mind, spirit, and sex! Marlee has been offering healing since 2012, and is a licensed Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioner, Certified ACS Sexologist, Certified JourneyDance™ Guide, and Certified Reiki Practitioner. She creates a warm and inviting container for clients to feel safe to begin the healing process, where all bodies, colors, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities are welcome. Her goal is to make healing accessible and fun for everyone, because when we heal, the world heals! Marlee works with individuals, couples, and groups in person in Rochester, NY and over Zoom. To learn more about her offerings, visit her website at www.marleedater.com

Marlee Dater
  • JourneyDance: JourneyDance™ is movement medicine for the soul. A conscious and transformational form of movement that aims to get us out of our heads and into our bodies, allowing our beautiful and unique bodies to find and express emotions that are held in our somatic systems. As your Certified JourneyDance™ Guide, Marlee will use intentional music and movement suggestions to help you ground, feel, release, be free, and heal! She can't wait to move alongside you! Bring an open mind and water, wear clothes that you can move in, and be prepared to dance without shoes. All abilities are welcome, and no dance experience is required!
  • Tantra for Couples: Looking for a new sensual experience for you and your partner to enjoy? Maybe you and your lover are needing some help syncing up your needs and desires in the bedroom? Or perhaps you’re curious about Tantra and how it can support your relationship? In this workshop you’ll first learn how to co-create Sacred Space to enrich your senses and increase your pleasure potential (even before intimacy starts)! Next you'll receive tips on Sexual Communication so you both can connect with ease and maximize your experience. Finally you'll participate in a Tantric Union practice with your partner to connect mind/body/soul, setting the foundation for continued intimacy and connection so you can continue your Tantric practice as a couple after the workshop!

Miss Mackenzee

Miss Mackenzee is a Professional Dominatrix, Certified Erotic Hypnotist, Sexual Wellness Coach, Lifestyle and Adult Industry Mentor, as well as an International BDSM and Sex Educator. She has been involved in the kink lifestyle for 20 years. Miss Mackenzee co-hosts the Kink, Intimacy, and Cannabis Lounge podcast. Miss Mackenzee is highly sought after for private lessons with individuals and couples as well as presenting at conventions and graduate programs at major universities. She has brought her experiences and skills to various organizations such as Kink.com, Widener University, TES, SF Citadel, Dark Odyssey, Celebrity Cruiseline, VoxBody Studio, Wicked Grounds, Black Thorn/Sacred Muse, SINergy, Kinky Kollege, Bound In Boston, YNot, SheBop, Adventures in Sexuality, ROPECRAFT, Weekend of Wickedness, Purple Passion, Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, Sexploratorium, EXXXotica, and many others. She prides herself on creating a fostering environment that is safe from societal judgments for people to explore their kinks and sexuality. Each and every workshop is taught with passion and includes intentional energy as she feels it is essential to building a connection to not only her demo bottoms but the participants in her classes. She welcomes people to be free and honest with themselves and their desires. MissMackenzee.com

Miss Mackenzee
  • Cannabis, Intimacy, and Kink: A stimulating and informative class on various ways to include your cannabis consumption in your sex and kink life! One of the main rules of most public parties and events is no drugs. But cannabis is becoming legal in more states so there have been further discussions about it. Rather than shaming people for indulging while playing, why not open the conversation up about how to incorporate cannabis into your play and/or intimate experiences as safely as possible. Some of the topics to be covered are: negotiations and consent including extra safety precautions, ways to use THC and CBD products that aren’t just for play, tips on dancing with Mary Jane for the nervous or those who don’t want to get high, looking at the different ways in which THC interacts with our bodies, cannabis service and what it looks like, the joys of indulging and how it plays into one’s smoking fetish (will be solely focusing on cannabis), enhancing pleasure and orgasms through plant medicine.
  • Put Your Thumb On It: Pressure Point Play: Have you ever had a really nice massage and wondered how to incorporate that into your play? Well... this isn’t that class. This class is designed to pinpoint those spots on the body that can cause people to crumble and move in the direction you want them to. Playing with pressure points is a lot of fun when combined with other types of play such as bondage or sensory deprivation. You'll learn how to incorporate these skills into your scenes and amp things up. With just one touch, learn how to bring your bottom to their knees! Much of what is covered in this class can be used in self defense situations. There are many safety concerns to discuss when playing with pressure points which we will cover extensively. This is a great class to get in touch with primal energy inside yourself and use your body to inflict certain sensations with your bottom. If you're a switch, this class would be perfect for you so you can gain the upper hand in your next switch fight!
  • Heavy Impact and Rough Body Play: We’ve all seen some really hot scenes in the dungeon or porn where the bottom is taking a serious beating. That can make some people cringe, but some of us squirm in a good way. There are many different toys that can be used in a heavy manner and that can be intimidating on their own. In this class, we’ll go over a lot of those toys and where to hit. I’ll also talk about how hard to hit in particular areas. Of course we will also cover the most primal heavy impact toy available to any Dom: the use of their own body to deliver pain.  Hands, feet, elbows, shoulders, and knees will all be covered during this class.  We’ll also discuss safety guidelines for this type of play. There can be a great exchange of energy between you and your partner which we’ll also delve into within this class. We'll also include learning tempo and rhythm to create an amazing headspace for your partner, negotiations and consent with this specific type of play, learning how to properly build and warm your bottom up for longer scenes, going over the sensations you are creating with each toy and their multiple uses, and using your bottom’s body against them, regardless of size difference.
  • Quick Bondage for Subduing Your Play Partner: Have you ever been in the mood and wanted to get your partner into a vulnerable position before you fuck them? Maybe you don’t have the time to try a fancy new bondage tie on them. Or do you want to forego intricate knotwork for quick and dirty play? It doesn’t have to be sexual. Wouldn’t you like the upper hand in a switch fight? There are a multitude of ways to subdue your partner quickly and effectively. We will cover fast moves to get your playmate in compromising positions; how to gain control when your partner is stronger than you are; using the 5 senses against your lover; understanding the element of surprise and using it to your advantage; and items that are typically found in the house that can be used to help you restrain. This is not going to be a technical class of specific ties. This class is designed to get your partner in a vulnerable and incapacitated state.
  • Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis: Getting Into the Mind: We’ve all seen or heard about stage hypnotists and how they make people cluck like chickens or some other crazy performance. That may have turned a lot of people away from hypnosis but this class is designed to educate and enlighten you about the truth of hypnosis. There’s no acting or elaborate stage play going on. Erotic hypnosis is about getting the bottom’s conscious mind to take a back seat, allowing their subconscious mind to come forward and relinquish its deepest desires. In this class we’ll discuss different induction methods for getting your bottom into a nice trance-like headspace, and setting them up to place triggers or post-hypnotic suggestions. It’s not about losing all control and becoming a zombie while someone else is behind the wheel. Erotic hypnosis is a great way to build a connection and explore your fantasies in a new and exciting way. Leave this class with the basic skills of how to enchant and entrance as a top and how to relax your mind to allow someone in. We will include shattering myths about what hypnosis is; how to enhance fetishes through the power of the mind; using erotic hypnosis for behavior modifications; navigating consent and safety; creativity and having fun with hypnosis.


Savvy was doing water ballet before it was called synchronized swimming and has been teaching water aerobics for five years. While earning her master's degree in education, she minored in human sexuality / health sciences. She is at the gym 2 hours a day, focusing on a healthy life & nutrition.

  • Water Aerobics: Discover your inner mermaid with Savvy. Start your day with this refreshing class with music, aerobics, floatation noodles, and more.

    Offered Saturday and Sunday mornings.


Shadow-Dragon is an Upstate NY based kinkster, pony, and crafter.  He delved into pony play at REAF in 2016, and fell in love with it, resulting in a host of new friendships and yearly trips to Folsom St. Fair. An engineer by trade, Shadow has delved into gear building, and takes pride in his cart, harness, and other gear.  He looks to share the things he enjoys with others and give them the opportunity to try new things.

  • Hands-On Pony Play: Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a human pony?  To pull a cart?  To wear a bit in your mouth and respond to reins?  For couples, ever wanted to have your partner pull you around in a cart?  Just want to hang around and chat about pony play and pony gear?  Well, this is your opportunity.  This will be a low-stress chance to try out some aspects and gear of pony play. Shadow-Dragon will be providing his pony gear and cart.

SwitchSpace and Rose

SwitchSpace (he/him) is a kinky, bi, poly, geeky rubberist and BDSM player for the last twenty-plus years. Rubber has long been an attraction, going back prior to any sexual context and as far back into childhood as he can recall. He happily recounts stealing rubber gloves from the doctor's and dentist's offices or borrowing his mother's dish gloves to enjoy the unique scent and feel. Having been in the BDSM community for a number of years, he enjoys discussing and introducing others to the fetishes and play styles of his speciality.

Rose (she/her) has been a kinky rubberiest for several years, writing on experiences in latex and submission. In addition to lovingly serving her Master Switchspace, Rose takes every opportunity to offer advice and provide her experience on bottom while in latex. Whether a rubber doll, latex kitty, or shiny toy, Rose is more than happy to help, at least when she is not tied down.

  • Slick, Shiny, and Sexy: An Introduction to Latex Clothing: From a fanatic in Singapore during the late 1890s, through the industrial revolution, and on to some of the super-models of today, Latex Rubber spans the gamut from purely utilitarian to fetish icon. Where it came from to what it is; this class covers some of the history, facts, and features of this versatile medium as well as providing a forum for your questions.

    Photo: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SDG_Latex_Hands.jpg

Madam Tessa and Ms Medusa

Madam Tessa and Mz Medusa are the founders of RocDommes, an exclusive femdom club in Rochester. The club is a haven for women and femmes in touch with their inner power and those who find serving a strong woman the ultimate pleasure.  They host a variety of events including munches, tea parties, dance nights, private parties, educational workshops, and themed events.  www.rocdommes.com

Madam Tessa has been involved in the world of domination and power exchange for over 15 years and has been a full time professional dominatrix for 7 years.  Her fascination with understanding the subconscious urges that drive submissives towards particular kinks allows her to create deeply immersive and satisfying experiences for her subs. As an extension of RocDommes, Madam Tessa has created a distinguished alliance of prodommes to empower and support one another.  She personally mentors new dommes beginning their careers and helps submissives find dommes with similar areas of interest. www.madamtessa.com

Rauncie/ MzMedusa is a goddess dominatrix who has been in the lifestyle for over 25 years.   She is a pagan High Priestess who specializes in BDSM ordeal and vampyre themed ritual scenes.  She provides the bdsm community with alternative weddings, funerals and other life passage rituals.   She is an experienced birth and death doula and considers herself a midwife of the soul.  She is one of the co-producers and art curator of REAF.  Rauncie is also the owner of MzMedusa productions and coordinates goth/industrial events for charity.  She is a professional tarot reader. TikTok: Granny_Goth. YouTube Granny Goth Rauncie.  www.Rauncie.org

  • Finding Your Domme: How to Put Your Best Knee Forward: Meeting people is difficult enough in our current world.  Meeting a Domme who you can form a lasting connection with is even harder.  Most of us begin our interactions online, but your opening message could end things before they begin. First impressions are key and we're going to discuss how to make the best first impression. We'll discuss how respectful ways to present yourself, red flags to look for, and adjusting your expectations. We'll include understanding yourself well enough to be prepared to talk about your interests in a productive way, remembering that dommes are people with wants and needs of their own, and knowing what you have to offer as a submissive outside of your own kinks.

Silver Tonic

Silver (she/her) is a passionate edge player who found her love for knife play before entering the world of the kink community. Coming from Cleveland Ohio, where she teaches and practices knifeplay in the local club scene, Silver is eager to make this form of edge play approachable. She delivers her experiences and knowledge with a focus on safety for players who are just starting out. She is 24 years old and as been drawn to and experimenting with knifeplay since her discovery of sexuality at a younger age. It was knife play that ignited her passion for her fetish lifestyle.

Silver Tonic
  • The Sharper Edge of Excitement: An Introduction to Knifeplay: Experience the sharper edge of excitement. Knife play is a tantalizing and rewarding form of sensation play that can be done by itself or in conjunction with many other forms of bdsm play. This class is intended for beginners who have just begun their journey of discovery into knife play and for those curious to experience something new and exciting. Silver will emphasize safe knife play principles with the goal of demystifying this form of edge play and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of new players.

Camdon Wright and Kate Bullock

Camdon Wright (he/him) is a biracial writer, game designer, and co-owner of Unicorn Motorcycle Games based in Buffalo, NY. He regularly speaks at gaming conventions throughout the US and Canada about roleplaying, design theory, industry diversity practices, and safety. He is currently working on the fantasy tabletop RPG Voracious about exploring sexuality, intimacy, and kink through the lens of those the world has historically declared monstrous in myths and stories.

Kate Bullock (she/her) is an erotica writer, lifetime kinkster, and game designer from Canada. She is completing her first self-published anthology of monster erotica called Tales of Voracious and has written multiple tabletop roleplaying games. One of her favorite passions is combining her love of kink and roleplaying into fun and sexy times, through game design, roleplay, and teaching.

Camdon WrightKate Bullock
  • Roleplaying 101: Bringing Fun and Drama to Sex: From the silly to the taboo, pretending to be someone else has long been a part of sexual play.  You don't need to be an actor or have some special talent to roleplay your way into sexy fun. This workshop covers tips for roleplaying safely, where to get ideas, agreeing on a tone, and how to get past your initial embarrassment. There will be a Q&A to help answer your specific questions.

Rochester Kink Society

Rochester Kink Society (RKS) is a social organization dedicated to providing a means for BDSM and kink-oriented individuals to network, teach, learn, share, practice and discuss BDSM and related kink. We host regular parties in our facility, a premier dungeon in upstate New York. During parties, we have dungeon monitors staffing the dungeon to ensure play is safe, sane, and consensual. rochesterkinksociety.com

Rochester Kink Society (RKS)
  • REAF BDSM 101:  Whether you're kinky, kink-curious, or just want to learn, this class has lots to offer you! We will be covering the most important topics for a dungeon space to ready you for the REAF dungeon. Included will be terms, consent and negotiation, limits, scene safety, headspace, and aftercare. This class is one of two required classes for non-vetted VIP Pass-holders. Open to ALL ATTENDEES.

Master Satoris

Master Satoris (they/them) is the Director of MAst: Rochester and has been highly involved in the kink community for over 20 years. Professionally, they've worked in many different areas where people skills and communication are a foundation for day to day working relationships. They're currently transitioning into Life Coaching, specializing in the LGBTQ and the kink communities. This will allow them to address the specialized needs for those that fall under either or both of these umbrellas. In the kink community, they have volunteered in several capacities, such as giving classes and presentations, advocating, dungeon monitoring, etc. They are on a lifelong quest to learn, grow and help others achieve their happiness and goals.

Master Satoris
  • Power Exchange Relationships: Come join us for a peek into the world of Power Exchange Relationships.  It is a complex and diverse segment of dynamic human interactions. Whether it is a couple, a triad, or more, Power Exchange Relationships are a fascinating topic. Learn how MAsT: Rochester can support your understanding or continued growth in power exchange. Curious or experienced, all are welcome.

Jenna Weintraub

Sexuality educator Jenna Weintraub is a graduate of Ithaca College’s Gender Studies program. She has presented over 500 programs at colleges and universities, adult education centers, businesses, regional and national conferences, and churches. She has over 9 years of experience running HIV and STD prevention, birth control and relationship programs, most recently as an Outreach & Education Specialist at Planned Parenthood. In her work at Connect & Breathe, Jenna developed a 30+ hour training for volunteers to support callers on an after-abortion support talk line. Jenna is the founder of ROC Body Love, where she works to reduce and end weight-based prejudice and discrimination. jennaweintraub.com

Jenna Weintraub
  • Introduction to Sex Toys Jenna will discuss the basics of sex toys including how sex toys work to stimulate specific anatomical pleasure zones, what materials they are made of and how those materials impact the body and other ways of using toys to experience pleasure. She will cover materials, functions and multiple uses of basic sex toys in order to support people's sexual health and wellness; the most common sex toy materials and how they interact with the body; what anatomical zones are stimulated by basic toys; and how sex toys can be used in multiple ways to promote pleasure.

Alyce Dee

Alyce started her crazy performing adventures as a go-go dancer working numerous electronic music events throughout NY. Always open to trying something new, when invited to join the Sirens and Cabaret, she jumped at the chance. Not fully able to trade in her gogo boots for a sparkly pair of heels, when it comes to her acts Alyce is anything but classic. Twerking, hula-hooping, air guitar, even her own style of "booty-trap-lesque", and the list goes on.

Alyce Dee
  • Chair Dance Most people don't think of a chair as sexy, but we're about to change that. Once we're finished, you'll not just see a chair as a place to sit, but a tool to bring out your inner seductress. We'll cover basic moves on and around the chair as well as some floor work, then put it all together for some fun choreography.

Kathy @katamel163

Kathy has practiced “kinky fuckery” since 1990, and has been involved with the BDSM scene since 2006. Kathy was previously active in the Central NY groups Hilltop Playhouse and UKS. She’s visited dungeons, parties, and events along the U.S. East Coast and into Eastern Canada. She supported her former Master in running Hilltop Clubhouse for a number of years. Kathy also brings nine years of experience as the submissive in a Master/submissive relationship to this presentation. Kathy is a retired school psychologist, permenently certified in the state of NY. katamel63@yahoo.com; K-Floggers_kathy on fetlife

Kathy @katamel163
  • Healthy Personal Boundaries and Submission: Emotionally healthy adults have healthy boundaries, which contribute to long-lasting, healthy relationships. Healthy boundaries happen by creating "no-trespassing" personal property lines in relation to others, and by valuing personal agency. Having healthy personal boundaries means, in part, recognizing that it is not your job in life to make others happy. So ... how do healthy boundaries fit with submission?! A bottom/submissive/slave’s motivation is often rooted in a need to be dominated, a need to be pleasing, a need to be used and useful. Many want to be malleable, so they can be controlled; many desire to be taken! Where is the balance between healthy personal boundaries and effective bottoming/submission/slavery? Can there even be such a thing?This presentation will cover the basics of what it means to have healthy personal boundaries, why healthy boundaries are necessary for healthy effective relationships in general, and how healthy boundaries DO contribute to healthy power-skewed relationships specifically.
3 Hot Peppers

Special Sessions

Dr. Bumpy

For over ten years, Dr. Bumpy and his Sybian have been well-traveled, pleasing the ladies at numerous swing and bdsm events. Dr. Bumpy is always a gentleman and makes ladies feel comfortable.

Dr. Bumpy and Nurse Laura
  • Sybian Rides: A Sybian is powerful sex toy designed to bring a woman sensual pleasure.  It consists of a saddle-like seat with a powerful motor inside that provides both vibration and rotation.  A diverse selection of attachments, from flat tops to a variety of insertables, enables each woman to choose how to experience this amazing machine. Dr. Bumpy will help you choose the attachment, set up the machine, and give instruction on proper use. After the ride, he sanitizes the equipment for the next rider.  Here's your chance to take a ride! Times will be listed on the festival schedule, and/or by appointment.

3 Hot Peppers

Social Gatherings

Kinky Mixer

You've seen them on your fetlife feed, now meet them in person! Meet and greet with members, organizers, and moderators of kink and lifestyle groups from all over upstate NY. Community members from a variety of clubs and organizations will gather to mingle and network while enjoying camaraderie and light refreshments. Members of any participating club or group are encouraged to join us.

Hosted by: Lazer

Swingers Mixer

Mix and mingle in a welcoming and sensual atmosphere, whether you have been in the lifestyle for years or are dipping your toes in for the first time. The Saturday afternoon mixer is casual, as you stop in to visit with old friends and meet new ones in between shopping, workshops, and performances.

Hosted by: John, Deb, Ryan, Christy, Mike and Amber

Upstate NY POC Mixer

This is an opportunity to meet the members of the Upstate NY POC group in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Hosted by: Chyna Doll

Furry and Pet Play Mixer

So whether you have a fursuit or not, just love furries, or have an interest in pet play of any kind, you are all welcome to come hangout and make some new friendships.

Littles Social and Craft Hour

Join your littles friends and their middles, mommies, daddies and caregivers for fun activities, snacks and networking in the Cg/l community. If you'd like to know more about the littles lifestyle, you are welcome to join in the fun. You can wear your baby or kids clothes, or whatever you are comfortable in (bottoms must be covered, no dirty diapers allowed).

Hosted by: Mister Rich and brinalynn