April 14-16, 2023

Holiday Inn Auburn
75 North St., Auburn NY

rochester erotic arts festival

Tickets at the 2023 Erotic Arts Festival

COVID Policy: Will be determined in January. Be prepared for vax/booster and mask requirements.

PURCHASE ONLINE: ALL ticketing will take place online, beginning January 15 and continuing through the festival.

1) Start your order with a Weekend Pass, Fri Pass, or Sat Pass for each person in your group.

2) Choose an Add-On Playroom Pass for each person (optional). You will be asked to check off which playrooms you would like to attend (swing, bdsm, or both). You must follow REAF vetting rules:

For 1 Playroom Pass on order ("single"): You must be pre-approved as a verified bdsm or swing club member, or previously verified from 2022 REAF (order by Sunday, April 9).

For 2-3 Playroom Passes on order ("couple" or "triad"): You may be pre-approved as verified bdsm or swing club members, or previously verified from 2022 REAF (order by Sunday, April 9). OR you may attend our Swinger 101 -OR- REAF BDSM 101 and Dungeon Orientation classes. See more details. If there are 2-3 people on the order with Playroom Passes, they must stay together during all Playroom sessions.

3) Request a hotel room if desired. Your confirmation email will contain an online booking link to make your reservation. You do NOT have to order a hotel room to attend this event.

AT THE DOOR: Present your confirmation email or your ticket pdf (printed out OR on your phone). If you are planning to purchase tickets at the door, order them online before you enter the hotel.

YOUR REAF PASS MUST BE VISIBLE ON YOUR UPPER BODY AT ALL TIMES WHEN YOU ARE IN THE HOTEL. There is a $10 charge to escort you to your room or car to retrieve your pass.

REAF dress guidelines
are in place until 3 pm on Sunday (genitals must be covered, tops may be bare).

Admission Passes

Fri only (per person) $35
Sat only (per person) $55
Weekend Pass (per person) $75

Add-On Playroom Passes

WKD Playrooms $40
FRI Playrooms $20
SAT Playrooms $20

Hotel Room Requests

Queen $10
Queen Balcony $20
King $10

*Processing Fees (6% + $1.59) will be added on to all orders*