April 19-21, 2024

Holiday Inn Auburn
75 North St., Auburn NY

rochester erotic arts festival


2024 Schedule

COVID Policy Up-to-date vax/boosters, daily rapid tests, and KN95 masks are strongly encouraged but not required for entry. If you feel ill, please stay home!

Is there an age limit to the festival?

Yes, the festival is open to 18+ only, due to the adult nature of the content. You may be asked for ID at the door.

Will you accept credit cards? Is there an ATM?

All tickets must be purchased online prior to entering the building. There is an ATM machine in the hotel lobby.

Do I have to sign up for workshops ahead of time?

There is no pre-registration for workshops. All workshops are free (included in ticket price). Some workshops may have limits on number of attendees, first come, first serve.

Will there be food or drinks available at the festival?

There is a restaurant and bar in the hotel, and there are numerous restaurants in the neighborhood.

There will be a cash bar open during the festival. The hotel may refuse to serve alcohol to any person who, in their judgment, appears intoxicated.

What should I wear?

Our only requirement is that you have genitals covered. Many people wear jeans/casual clothes, many people wear fetish wear, some are only wearing bottoms. Evenings are usually dressier than daytime. Since this is a hotel take-over, you do not need to worry about covering up in the hotel's public spaces. There will be some nude hours scheduled for the pool.

However, if you leave the hotel for any reason, please dress in family-friendly attire!!

CHANGING ROOM! We will have a changing room where you can dress in your fetish clothes. Please bring a small bag for your street clothes, which can be checked at the front desk.

Photo Policy

The festival is, overall, a camera-friendly event... because the wonderful exhibits are so eye-catching, and because it is impossible to police who is or isn't taking pictures with cell phone cameras everywhere.

*** The All-Important "BUT" *** 

We respect those who do not wish to have their photo taken at a sex-oriented event. If you do not want your photo taken: 

  • Orange armbands will be available at the ticket counter and the infodesk to wear around your arm or as a headband. This will alert people with cameras to avoid taking your picture, even in the background. 
  • The Photo Policy will be prominently displayed at the ticket counter and the infodesk. 
  • An effective alternative is to wear a mask. There is no guarantee that your photo won't be taken! If you are truly worried about losing your job if your picture shows up online, this may not be the event for you. 

If you are planning to bring/use a camera at REAF

  • Please look for the orange "no photo" armbands or headbands. Be  careful not to include anyone wearing these in any of your photos, even in the background. 
  • All performers will be expected to allow their photo to be taken. 

Professional Photographers:

Please register at the ticket table when you arrive. After the event, notify the organizers if you have posted photos online. If the photos are not online, we would appreciate a CD/DVD with photos for possible posting on our web site (with proper credit, of course).