March 27-28, 2020

Rochester Riverside Hotel

rochester erotic arts festival

Rochester Vampire Ball, June 15

9 pm - 2 am at Photo City Improv: Comedy and Music Venue, 543 Atlantic Avenue, Rochester, NY

General Admission: $20 (Must be 21 and up)

Tickets available at the door for cash only - ATM available!

Prepaid tickets - We have you on a list or bring your printed ticket or receipt on your phone.

Rochester Vampire Ball

Vampire Ball Schedule

Front doors open at 8:30. The Main Ballroom will open at 9 pm.

Front of the House:

9:00 - 11:30 RocDommes Spanking Booth for tips
9:00 - 11:15 Raffle Baskets: Raffle tickets are $5 for an arm length.

All proceeds from the spanking booth and the raffle baskets go to Willow Domestic Violence Shelter in memory of Penny Scandall. Drawings for the raffles will be at 11:15 in the front of the house. Winners will also be announced in the Main Ballroom at 11:30 before the Vampire Queen's Ritual.

Main Ballroom Stage:

The VIP area will be open for the VIP Queens Court from 8:30 - 11:45pm.
8:30 - 9:30 DJ - Energon
9:30 - 9:45 Jeriko
9:45- 10:30 Waking Dream
10:30-11:30 DJ Energon
11:30- 12:15 Vampire Queens Ritual
11:30 Queens Court procession to the throne
11:35 Veeda Sucia
11:45 BallerinaGoddess
12:00 Midnight - Death Ritual
12:15 - 1:00 Dark Reverence
1:00 - 2:00 DJ - Raye Black

Dress Code Enforced

Level 3 – Elite
Examples: Venetian Carnival, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Formal Goth

Level 2 – Impressive
Examples: Goth, Aristocratic, Uniforms, Steampunk, Historical, Gothic Lolita, Latex, Black Tie, Leather, Neo-Victorian, Masquerade, Priests/Priestesses, cosplay

Level 1 – Minimal
Examples: Basic all Black-on-Black, Fangs, and Masques

Level 0 – Forget It
Examples: NO (We are Serious) T-Shirts, Blue Jeans, Wife Beaters, Racist Symbols, Sportswear, Street Wear, Sneakers (all black or decorated for the theme chucks are the exception in regards to sneakers) etc. The exception to this is Lost Boys. But Lost Boys better have some fangs, boy!

Costumes are 99% of the Decor; the People Make the Party. Unless you’ve brought a change of clothes which you intend to wear to the Rochester Vampire Ball, YOU WILL BE REFUSED WITHOUT REFUND. Fangs and masks are highly encouraged but NOT required.

Bands, DJs, Special Guests and Activities

Waking Dream

Waking Dream
Waking Dream is a NYC gothic music duo, aka Cannibal Fae. Our music is made with love, our sugary vivid dreams and the beating heart of our most disturbing childhood moments and perceptions.

Dark Reverence

Dark Reverence
Creeping from the murky mist that shrouds the lines between goth and black metal comes Dark Reverence. Fueled by driving bass lines, ambient keyboards, and harsh guitars, they incorporate all genres of dark music to their craft.


Jeriko comes from a wide background of electronic music, especially industrial and heavy beats. During his live performances he fuses his guitar and his voice with heavy beats and tasteful rhythms.


Genre spanning DJ Energon has DJed throughout upstate NY. He is an artist and photographer whose work has shown at REAF as well as other spaces around Rochester.

Raye Black

Raye Black
DJ Raye Black presenting carefully curated playlists tailored for the Vampire Ball.

Spankings by RocDommes

Spankings by RocDommes
Rochester RocDommes will be giving spankings to raise money for Willow Domestic Violence Center in memory of Penny Scandal.

Veeda Sucia

Veeda Sucia
Veeda Sucia, Diva of Danger, masochistic fire eating bunny, freak show performance artist and local pin cushion queen.

Midnight Ritual

Midnight Ritual
The Queen of the Vampire Ball will lead a special ritual at midnight with a toast.

Ballerina Goddess

Ballerina Goddess
A Warrior Ballerina:
A local professional kinky ballerina and rigger entrances the audience through her love, passion, inspiration and strength in this one-woman performance, mixing aerial, dance, flow and rope.