Rochester Erotic Arts Festival

Rochester Erotic Arts Customer Service

Return/Refund Policy

Artist submission fees must be paid before artwork will be considered for inclusion in the festival show. All artist submission fees go toward cash prizes for the show, and then to cover expenses for organizing and advertising the show. Artist fees are non-refundable.

Advertising and vending fees, corporate sponsorships and donations are non-refundable. Fees must be paid before services go in effect.

Rochester Erotic Arts, Inc. is a New York State Non-Profit Corporation, under the fiscal sponsorship of Fractured Atlas.

To Donate to REAF

For a direct donation to REAF donate online with credit card. REAF will keep 100% of your donation, but you will not receive a tax deduction.

Donate now!For a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation, donate online with a credit card through Fractured Atlas, our fiscal sponsor. REAF will keep 93% of your donation, and you will get a tax deduction!