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Presenters for 2014 REAF

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Lisolette Gilcrest

Lisolette GilcrestHaving only begun publicly exhibiting her work in 2006, Lisolette Gilcrest has been hailed as one of the world’s leading female photographers in contemporary erotica. Lisolette was a 2009 and 2010 nominee for “Photographer of the Year” for the Erotic Review and was also a Winning Artist in the 2009 and 2010 Erotic Signature annual competitions – one of only seven women selected the past two consecutive years.

Additionally, Lisolette is the Founder of the Society for Women in Erotic Art Today and a Charter Member of the Society of Erotic Art. Her work is featured in the permanent collection of The Kinsey Institute’s Special Art, Artifacts, and Photography Collection.

Princess Kali

Princess KaliPrincess Kali is a dynamic kink educator that focuses on power exchange, sexual confidence & other pervy fun stuff!

Kali has been invited to speak at universities and professional organizations both nationally and internationally on the topics of kink, BDSM, and sexuality. She is frequently praised for her insider knowledge, her professionalism, and her dynamic, entertaining, and highly informative talks on a wide variety of sexuality topics.

Her extensive first-hand knowledge of kink ensures the audience feels comfortable asking questions and are assured of getting explicit, straightforward answers that they can put to practical use. Her playfulness, enthusiasm, and humor help even the most timid feel that kink isn’t as taboo as they once thought –and that new possibilities lie ahead for them.

Now, with over a decade of experience in exploring sexually alternative lifestyles & professions, her time is focused on running the revolutionary Erotication websites she’s founded over the last three years; Kink Academy, Passionate U, and Fearless

Bethany Swank

Bethany Swank, Dance InstructorBethany Swank has been studying, performing and teaching the beautiful and ancient art of Belly Dance for over ten years. With her experience and extensive training Bethany has become a very respected Middle Eastern Dancer and Choreographer in Western New York State. She directs two Belly Dance Companies: Rasha's Rhinestones Student Troupe and Bombshell Belly Dance Company. Expanding her dance repertoire, Bethany also studied Classical Burlesque Dance, Art of Exotic Dance and Hula Hooping and teaches these dances along with Belly Dance. She also created and directs the Pretty Kitties Burlesque Company. For class information please visit

Belly Dance with the BombshellsBombshell Belly Dance Company

Bringing together the ancient art of belly dance with a modern flair, this belly dance company puts on a show like none other. Sword balancing, candle dancing and luscious movements bring this exotic show into a class of its own.

Pretty Kitties

The Pretty Kitties Burlesque Company sets out to put the ass in classy. From flirty classical burlesque to modern erotic arts including chair work, pole dancing and even a bit of hula hooping, for a non-stop entertaining and titillating show. Composed of trained and talented performers, our goal is to provide high quality entertainment of the playful adult kind.


BrettBrett/RopeDom is a repeat presenter at this event, and has been kinky as long as he can remember and involved in the lifestyle for more than 15 years, sharpening his knowledge and skills. He is a lover of rope and all of its many versatile uses, from erotic art to strict bondage. He enjoys learning and sharing any ideas that utilize rope in a creative and devious way, which he encourages others to do as well.

He is based in Rochester NY, and for the past 3 years he has taught the monthly Rope class at the Rochester Kink Society on various topics from Predicament Ties and Simple Suspension Ties to Continuous Ties and Ties as Furniture.

He has travelled and learned from many of the best riggers over the years at events like Shibaricon, Floating World, Black Rose, Thunder in the Mountains, Rope Camp, Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, Bond Con, Fetish Con, and Fetish Flea, but feels there is always more to be learned.

For creative fun beyond rope he has enjoyed doing pin-up/fetish photography and making chainmaille jewelry for many years. He is looking forward to meeting new people and fellow riggers at the event and hopes to inspire future riggers and enthusiasts alike.

Scott Bonelli

Scott BonelliScott Bonelli is the owner and operator of the New England-based kinky custom design shop Big Head Studio. He and his partner, Elle Emenope, travel across the country teaching classes and running workshops on Alternative Adult Sex Ed And BDSM. Scott has taught at events such as Black Rose and Dark Odyssey in DC, TES and Floating world in NY, the Boston/Providence FFF, and many others. He has given workshops at various universities, including Brown, Columbia and R.I.S.D. His writings have appeared in Secret Magazine and other international publications.


SchadenfreudeSchadenfreude is a young but experienced dominant sadomasochist with a passion for pain and teaching others about BDSM. When she first discovered BDSM at the age of 18, she was too young to join the scene, so she founded her own educational BDSM organization at her undergraduate university. Once she turned 21, she officially joined the scene and blossomed into the wicked sadomasochist that she is today. To give back to the wonderful community that nurtured her kinky skills and knowledge, she became a deputy dungeon monitor, then a board member of the Rochester Kink Society, and now a BDSM workshop presenter.

fern, aka The Orgasm Queen

fern, The Orgasm Queenfern is the author of the soon to be released book, "Reclaiming Your Sexuality: How a survivor of multiple childhood sexual abuses learned to love guilt free sex." Surviving multiple instances of child sexual abuse and lucking into the healing power of a compassionate lover as a young adult, launched fern on a journey of reclaiming her sexuality, developing healthy sexual expression, and finally learning the joy of orgasm.

Later in life, she realized the healing power of compassionate listening, empathetic presence, and witnessing another’s story to facilitate inner healing. She shares her experiences and supportive listening skills with those in need via and

Laura Pothier

Laura Pothier ("Sadira") dances with Desert Rhythms and Saraswati's Sisters. She also teaches Bellydance and Tribal Fusion at her store/studio "Now and Zen" at 658 South Avenue, which she co-owns with her life partner Brian Jefferson.

Sadira has been dancing her whole life, starting with ballet, then modern dance and West African before finding Bellydance. It has been her passion since. She has been dancing with Desert Rhythms for at least 7 years... she is losing count! She has recently started Saraswati's Sisters, a tribal fusion troupe which allows her to stretch her limits mentally, artistically, and physically. She continues her dance education by taking workshops and classes whenever she can and finds her students teach her as much as she teaches them. Visit on Facebook

Rauncie Ryan

Rauncie RyanRauncie Ryan is a Pagan High Priestess and Ritualist who has been practicing and facilitating rituals for over 20 years. She is the High Priestess of the Sisters of Medusa, a pagan circle for women in Rochester NY. She has served as Chaplain of United Pagan Ministries at Cornell University in the past and has presented workshops at Womongathering, Pagan Pride and other events in Rochester and Ithaca, NY. She is available for life passage rituals, weddings, spiritual counseling and public speaking. For more information visit

Barry and Bobbi from Kinky Bitch®

Kinky Bitch makes high quality BDSM gear and devices for infinite forms of play. We're always testing various means of inflicting desirable torment... all to produce that heightened consensual mind-set of combined pleasure and pain.

Otter Doing DoodlesOtter

Otter has been drawing and sketching as long as he can remember. Given the chance to take on the Doodles workshop, he didn't hesitate for a second!

Rochester Kink Society

Rochester Kink SocietyRKS is a social organization dedicated to providing a means for BDSM and kink-oriented individuals to network, teach, learn, share, practice and discuss BDSM and related kink. We host regular parties in our facility, a premier dungeon in upstate New York. During parties, we have dungeon monitors staffing the dungeon to ensure play is safe, sane, and consensual.


SerpentessaSerpentessa, an established modern day Snake Priestess has been rebirthing the ancient Serpent Wisdom into the world today through the teachings of her live gentle Snakes for 20 years. Her Boa Constrictors are very good-natured around multitudes of people and occasions. The health and welfare of her Snakes are of paramount importance.

There is always a powerful response to the Snake! Serpentessa specializes in reading peoples' body language and respecting individuals' boundaries during any experience with her Snakes. The blessing of the commonly known "Red tail" boa constrictor snake is in its willingness to be our healer up close and personal.


Sweetheart Sadie is the host of a news-zine style BDSM podcast called Talkin' Taboo, the official podcast of REAF.

Rich and Bella

Rich and Bella are owners of SatinSheetDreams from Albany NY and have over 9 years of experience in the lifestyle. They have hosted a wide range of events from simple meet and greets to resort takeovers, from Atlantic City to Cleveland Ohio, including the Erotic Masquerade Ball here at REAF. They also love to travel and have recently expanded their experiences to include lifestyle cruises and resort getaways.

As the promoters of erotic, upscale events for couples, their goal is creating the perfect event where a couple can feel safe to experience and share their most inner desires. They specialize in creating a fun, no pressure environment that is charged with sensuality and sexuality, perfect for newcomers as well as those who have been in the lifestyle for years.

Gay Alliance Staff and Speakers Bureau

Gay AllianceThe Gay Alliance Speakers Bureau is active all year long in the greater Rochester area, providing presentations, literature and resources on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and ally (LGBTQA) issues. By sharing our personal stories, demystifying sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, and simply answering questions openly and honestly, we strive to breakdown stereotypes, decrease homophobia/transphobia and promote a dialog that will continue on outside of the classroom or office.

We present at local high schools, colleges, mental health organizations, businesses, churches and more.  The Gay Alliance Speakers Bureau is made up of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people and straight allies.

Zaftigg Von BonBon

Zaftigg Von BonBonZaftigg Von BonBon (Austin, TX) is an over-the-top burlesque performer who never met a boundary she couldn't tease into submission. A true student of Mae West, Zaftigg ardently believes any audience that can be shocked should be shocked more often! She is currently a performer and co-producer of Black Widow Burlesque, co-producer of Austin's Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, and performer with Austin's Naked Girls Reading. In 2013, she took the stages of Texas Burlesque Fest 2013 covered in crisco and glitter, San Antonio Burlesque Fest 2013 whipping her nether hair to the crowd's shock and delight, and the international festival SXSW Festival doing UNSPEAKABLE things to chocolate!

With a background as a proDomme and (bio)Drag Queen, she is a very big proponent of sex-positive performance and genderfuck. Although she currently resides in Austin, TX, she is from Rochester, NY originally and is incredibly excited to be a part of 2014's REAF!