Rochester Erotic Arts Festival

Workshops at REAF 2014

We offer 30 wonderful workshops at REAF, all included in your admission ticket with these exceptions:

"Jiggle and Twirl: The Art of Burlesque with Tassels" requires tassels (may bring your own or purchase at workshop for $5-$25)

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1 Hot Pepper1 Hot Pepper - Fairly Tame

Working with Models

ArtPresenter: Lisolette Gilcrest

Lights! Action! Camera! Ummm... well... Not exactly sure what to do once you get a model in front of your lens? Or maybe you're old hat at this and you need some new inspiration? Get tips on posing models, composing your photographs, using props and wardrobe to dress up your scene and how to tell stories with one moment in time.

Come to this interactive workshop with your camera for an opportunity to shoot erotic content with featured models and internationally published and awarded erotic photographer Lisolette Gilcrest.

Marketing Your Erotica

ArtPresenter: Lisolette Gilcrest

Looking to get your work published? Shown at more art exhibits? Trying to get more exposure? Want to sell your work to private collectors?

This workshop is geared towards artists who are looking for more opportunities to show and sell their erotic works. This workshop will be chock full of information and tips on these topics:

Participants should be prepared for a flurry of helpful information and resources in getting their feet planted in the field of erotica, with a brief Q & A session to follow the presentation. Participants are also encouraged to bring their 30 favourite photographs (4” x 6” is fine) - and there will be products available for sale at the workshop to build your portfolio!

Fashion with Tapes

ArtPresenter: Sadie from Talkin Taboo

This interactive workshop will give you lots of ideas for designing your own clothing with electrical tape, duct tape, and other vinyl tapes. At the end of the workshop, show off your creation in our Duct Tape Fashion Show & Contest. Prizes for Most Creative and Most Erotic. Separate categories and prizes for outfits made at the festival, and outfits pre-designed at home.

Doodles Erotic Drawing

ArtPresenter: Otter

Doodles and giggles, boobies and sketches... enjoy a playful, relaxed drawing session with Otter. He'll tease out your creativity with his mangled humor, tantalizing models, and wacky prizes!

Simple drawing supplies provided, or bring your own!

Beginning Belly Dance

DancePresenter: Bombshell Belly Dance Company

Belly Dance is one of the oldest and most evolved forms of dance in the world. Stretch and tone your body while you learn this ancient and beautiful feminine art! The movements of belly dance will sculpt and firm your body, while increasing your stamina and grace, all without stress and fatigue. Belly Dance also promotes weight loss by burning calories, building muscle, and stimulating your digestive system. Class will include warm-up, basic moves, techniques and choreography. All ages, genders, and body types welcome...check your inhibitions at the door!

SambaBelly Dance

DancePresenter: Bombshell Belly Dance Company

SambaBelly fuses dance technique & world music from Belly Dance, Latin, Samba, Dance Hall, Afro-Caribbean, Hip Hop and Bollywood into a dynamic fat burning cardio workout blast. The six pillars of SambaBelly are strength, flexibility, endurance, fulfillment, cultural representation and fun.

Burlesque 101

DancePresenter: Bethany Swank

In Classical Burlesque 101, you’ll bring out your inner pin up girl, lose your inhibitions and learn sensual fun dance moves. You and The Pretty Kitties will have a blast learning what classical burlesque is, Burlesque dance technique, and learn a flirty choreography to perform on stage, or in the bedroom.

Pole Dancing

DancePresenter: Pretty Kitties Burlesque Company

Come learn the beautiful and erotic art of pole dancing with your favorite Burlesque kittens! This class is for all sizes, shapes, and genders. Learn the fundamentals of pole dancing in a fun and safe intro to Pole Dancing. From Strutting to Spins, the Kitties will teach you seductive moves on the chrome. Make sure to bring your camera for a photo op at the end of class - you will definitely want to show your friends!!

Coming Out of The Sexually Abused Closet

SexPresenter: fern, aka The Orgasm Queen

Learn to listen compassionately to your inner child without letting her ruin your adult life. The pain of child sexual abuse can linger into adulthood in sometime invisible ways such as food addictions, depression, procrastination, and unhappy love relationships.  Learn how to recognize when your abused child part is running, and maybe ruining, your adult life.  And learn how to compassionately listen to his/her needs so that you can help heal your abused child part while making your adult life vibrant.  Hear a personal story about how 5 minutes of empathetic listening healed 26 years of guilt and shame.

Rituals for Intimacy

Presenter: Rauncie Ryan

SexWhat is ritual and how can it be used to heighten your intimate experiences with your partner? By definition ritual is a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. This workshop will teach ritual techniques that will bring your intimacy to another level.

Intimacy involves more than just the body. Learn how to combine mind, body and spirit to enhance your intimacy and bring you closer to your lover. If you want to deepen your connection and learn more about a spiritual practice that will take you to a higher level this is the workshop for you.

Humor in the Bedroom

SexPresenter: Scott Bonelli

Sometimes you slap a clown, sometimes the clown slaps you. So long as you both end up laughing, no harm ...right? This is a light hearted talk about the hows and whys a good giggle is important in the bedroom. From deliberate scenes to accidental "misteps" it is important to find the humor in what we do. We are funny people, doing funny things, in funny outfits, lets not pretend we are not laughing! Come prepared to listen to and share stories about the most basic human emotion, humor.

Understanding the Power of Stereotypes

Presenter: Gay Alliance Staff and Speakers Bureau

SexIt is human nature to label people and objects. It is how we create order and make sense of the world. Unfortunately, labeling and stereotyping people can lead to a flawed understanding of a culture. In this fun and interactive panel presentation, participants will have an opportunity to challenge themselves on long held stereotypes and beliefs.

Our panel will consist of individuals who identify as: straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Our sixth panelist will be a “wild card.” Participants must ask the panelist questions and try to guess how the panelists identify. Direct questions about sexual behaviors are not allowed, for example: “Who was the last person you had sex with?” Questions about gender expression are fair game, for example: “Do you own Birkenstocks?” This presentation is sure to create lots of laughter but it is also a great opportunity for self-reflection and in depth discussions around the power of stereotyping in a safe and comfortable setting.

Transgender Community Awareness: The Gender Spectrum

Presenter: Gay Alliance Staff and Speakers Bureau

SexThe goal of this presentation is to increase participant’s comfort level with gender variant and transgender people, encourage an open discussion of these issues, and teach the importance of inclusive non-discrimination policies. Trained Speakers Bureau members will share their personal coming out stories and encourage participants to ask questions and dialogue in a safe and respectful environment.

1 Hot Pepper2 Hot Peppers - Heating Up

Liquid Latex: A Sexy Second Skin

ArtPresenter: Scott Bonelli

This presentation covers everything one would want to know about using this medium, from safety, application and removal, to fashion and its use in a S&M context. This presentation includes a "hands on" section where we encourage participants to get a little creative, and to get dirty.

Jiggle and Twirl: The Art of Burlesque with Tassels

Presenter: Zaftigg Von BonBon

DanceRelease your inner sex kitten as you bump 'n' grind your way through a sexy burlesque routine and learn how to twirl tassels like the pros. This fun workshop will focus on several different methods of correct pastie application, techniques to get those tassels to twirl like propellors, and a sexy neo-burlesque routine that will have you embracing your jiggle in no time!

Whether you're looking to refine your performance technique on stage or add a little extra sparkle to your bedroom experience, this workshop is sure to do the trick!

This workshop is open to participants only, of any gender. Pasties will be available for purchase (ranging from $5 - $25), or you are welcome to bring your own (just make sure they have tassels).

Bless Up with SNAKE Limbo!

DancePresenter: Serpentessa

Join Serpentessa and her family of snakess for playful limbo with Snakess to receive a Blessing! Open to all who choose with respect that interspecies communication is a portal into Divine Consciousness.

~For all acts of Love & Pleasure are Her Rituals~

Tops optional ~~<

A Spankin’ Good Time

SexPresenter: Princess Kali

Lots of people like to give or receive spankings, but questions of consent and violence often arise when women are on the receiving end. How do you make sure you’re not crossing that line? What can you do to make your spanking hot and fun? Can you be a strong, confident woman and still get bent over someone’s lap? Princess Kali will help you explore these questions and figure out how to spank someone (or be spanked) without going too far. You’ll learn how to talk about your desires with a partner, what it is about spanking that turns people on, lots of easy and pleasurable techniques, and much more. Come get answers to your questions and find our how to safely explore some of your deepest desires. This class is open to men and women.

Approaching Polyamory with Mindfulness

Presenter: Laura Pothier of Now and Zen

SexIf you have a partner and are thinking of opening your relationship or already have... communication is key. Mindfulness is a good answer. Polyamory can be very satisfying and is a huge growing experience if done with care with your current partner.

Emotions - Boundaries - Expectations - Communication Tools - Emotional Honesty - Saying No - Planning - Self Knowledge - Owning Your Feelings - Going Easy on Yourself - Telling Your Own Truth

Will include some role playing and mindful exercises.

Swinger 101

SexPresenters: Rich & Bella from SatinSheetDreams

So you have considered the swinging lifestyle or other non-monogamous activities with your partner - now what? Swinging can be a great way to expand your relationship, but there are many topics to be aware of before you decide to get started. We will discuss:

We share our experiences, answer your questions and help you get informed about the Swinging Lifestyle.

Swinger 201

SexPresenters: Rich & Bella from SatinSheetDreams

Now that you have some experience under your belt, you probably have questions. This is a perfect opportunity to get the “what would you do in this situation?” answered or just listen to other couples experiences. Joining us on our panel will be multiple couples that have been in the Lifestyle for many years providing different view points and experiences on many topics. Take this time to ask anything that is on your mind. We will provide a drop-box to put your anonymous questions in.

Bondage As Furniture

BDSMPresenter: RopeDom/Brett

Perhaps you are having a kinky party and short on a piece of furniture, so why not turn your partner into one using rope. Creative ways to not only effectively tie your partner, but make them into useful objects. We will cover basic rope safety, and 3 Bondage As Ffurniture ties. Helpful to know single and double column ties.

This is a hands-on class and some rope may be available for use, but it is best to bring your own.

Recommended rope for ties:

Foot Fetish for Everyone

Presenter: Princess Kali

SexCreative foot play is a stimulating and innovative approach to enhancing sexuality in any relationship. This fresh new workshop is devoted to sharing background, valuable tips and imaginative ways to enjoy the latest techniques from the foot fetish community. Foot fetish is a sexy addition to vanilla sexuality, BDSM, or role-play and still remains a sexuality that stands on its own two feet. Join Princess Kali and others who share this popular kinky pleasure to learn how the various nuances of “foot fetish” can contribute to those intimate times of your life.

Getting Started with Pony Play: From Tack to Training

BDSMPresenter: Schadenfreude

Ever dreamed of becoming or owning the perfect pony? This class will let that fantasy become a reality! All the basics will be covered that you need in order to get started in Pony Play with plenty of anecdotal stories to inspire you! Topics that will be covered are safety, grooming, tack, play styles, and building all those concepts into your very own individualized routine.

Schadenfraude is the 2013 Grand Champion at Camp Crucible's Legendary Pony Show!

BDSM 101 and Safety: BDSM Basics and How to Enter the BDSM Scene Safely

BDSMPresenter: Rochester Kink Society

BDSM is a complex sexual behavior that many participate in, and even more are curious about, yet many people remain in the dark about the real facts behind BDSM. Whether you're kinky, kink-curious, or just want to learn, this class has lots to offer you!

Held in three sections, this class first covers the facts and myths behind BDSM; info that everyone needs to know. Next, we cover how to join the BDSM scene for those who are kinky or kink curious. And lastly, we will cover how to safely engage in BDSM for those that are new to kink.

1 Hot Pepper 3 Hot Peppers - Smokin' Hot!

Chastity Training: Learning to Love the Lock

BDSMPresenter: Princess Kali

The thought of chastity usually strikes terror as well as exhilaration in the heart of the one being locked. With a mix of tease and denial, power and control, and a little physical suffering thrown in for good measure, Chastity Training can add whole new (and surprising!) dimensions to your sexual relationships. Whether it’s used for short periods (hours and days) or long periods (weeks, months and years) making Chastity Training work for you is more possible than you think!!

Piss Play – You’ll never hear the word “Watersports” without giggling again!

SexPresenter: Princess Kali

Splish splash, come take a golden bath… or give a golden shower! What’s the appeal of piss play, you ask? Come find out about this intriguing and often misunderstood fetish, which can be used to good effect in power dynamics or as more simply as a sensual and playful activity. You’ll be given health information, safety tips, and an oceans worth of suggestions for how to play with piss in your kinky scenes!

Making Erotic Videos for fun or profit

ArtPresenter: Princess Kali

Every day technology is getting more inexpensive and easy to use. Videotaping your sexual adventures can be for personal enjoyment or to even to make some extra cash. Learn about the basic equipment you’ll need, camera angles and suggested settings, props and story lines. You’ll also be shown video clips from a variety of genres of porn to help you get a “visual” on the style you are going for. A list of suggested resources for starting your own adult web based business will also be handed out. Come learn how to get the most buck out of your bang!!

Predicament Ties

BDSMPresenter: RopeDom/Brett

All ties can become uncomfortable over time, but these ties are designed so that they must be maintained to either prevent more pain, or prolong the pleasure depending how you use them. Sometimes the most fun thing to do with someone that is tied is just to watch the struggle. We will cover basic rope safety, and 3 predicament ties.

This is a Demo Only class due to needing a hard point for most ties, so no rope is needed.

Cock & Ball Bondage and Rope CBT

BDSMPresenter: Schadenfreude

The quickest way to a man's submission is through controlling his cock and balls! Of course, the best way to do that is to use a bit of rope, utilizing bondage that can be cruel or kind, tormenting and tantalizing. In this class, we will learn the basic elements of cock and ball bondage, some torturous tricks of the trade, and bondage safety.

The first half of this presentation will be in a classroom, followed by practice time in a more private room. For best results, bring a cock to practice binding and 8 to 12 feet of thin rope (3/16 of an inch is ideal for beginners).

Breast and Nipple Torment

BDSMPresenters: Barry and Bobbi from Kinky Bitch®

This workshop will focus on some methods of breast bondage and nipple torment. We'll discuss a range of materials you can either purchase or find around your home—including rope, zip ties, weights, clamps, vises, and bondage gear. While the breast play discussion will be focused on female subjects, nipple play is fun for everyone.