Rochester Erotic Arts Festival

Performing Artists at REAF 2014


Vikki Fahrenheit

Vikki FahrenheitVikki Fahrenheit was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. She studied dance and voice for 13 years, before moving to Chicago and studing Burlesque with the international Burlesque superstar, Michelle L'amour. After making the move to Las Vegas, she studied with the one and only "Burlesque beauty, tattooed cutie" Cha Cha Velour, and made her grand enterance into the Burlesque world! Vikki Fahrenheit has performed all over Las Vegas, and made her national debut at the 2013 Ohio Burlesque Festival. She has been a Burlesque party hostess at the Las Vegas Burlesque Classes Studio, and was the Burlesque choreographer for the independent film, "Mahogany Sunrise". She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Whether she's singing her striptease, or performing a classic inspired routine, Vikki Fahrenheit will get your temperature rising!



Aryes The Superhero

Aryes the SuperheroBehind every superhero's cape is a mystery until the time strikes to stand in front of the winds of adversity and the rains of doubt. Behind Aryes' cape is an adventure big enough for its own planet.

Aryes grew up listening to a vast range of music with influences of Char, Prince, Teena Marie to Dr. Dre, Heavy D, and Naughty By Nature. During her college years she meet Tameka Jones and Diamond Mitchell, and with the addition of a high school friend Natalie Sheppard they created the harmonious quartet called Essence. They performed at the Blue Cross Arena and sang the National Anthem for the Men's Basketball team. When they disbanded in 2007, Aryes continued to pursue music passionately.

As her unique style developed, she soon saw a loyal fan base begin to grow and she is becoming a popular hit with the young crowd. Her natural beauty pulls you in, but it is her positive energy and humbleness that captures your heart. Aryes is focusing her first collaboration of songs on that never ending positive energy that it takes to 'simply enjoy life.' After honing her exceptional sound over the years, she is now preparing to release "Aryes Season: The Mixtape," which introduces her spunky style in a fun and creative way.




SerpentessaBless UP with SNAKE Limbo!!

Playful limbo with Snakesss to receive a Blessing!
~For all acts of Love & Pleasure are Her Rituals~

Open to all who choose with respect that Interspecies communication is a portal into Divine Consciousness. Clothing optional.

Serpentessa is an established modern day Snake Priestess who has been rebirthing the ancient Serpent Wisdom into the world today through the teachings of her live gentle Snakes for 20 years. Her Boa Constrictors are very good-natured around multitudes of people and occasions. The health and welfare of her Snakes are of paramount importance.

There is always a powerful response to the Snake! Serpentessa specializes in reading peoples' body language and respecting individuals' boundaries during any experience with her Snakes. The blessing of the commonly known "red tail" boa constrictor snake is in its willingness to be our healer up close and personal.



Eight Beat Measure

Eight Beat Measure logo8 Beat Measure is RIT's oldest A Cappella group. Originally formed as an extension to the RIT Singers, 8 Beat Measure is known for their 'Funky Fresh' Style, and smooth harmonies. The guys of 8 Beat enjoy many different types of music, and perform from a wide repertoire of A Cappella music both arranged by their members and pre-arranged.



Aerial Arts of RochesterAerial Arts

We love teaching the Aerial Arts, and it gives us great pleasure in finally introducing this fantastic fitness and beautiful art form to Rochester. Our proven teaching methods will allow anyone at any fitness level to be able to enjoy our specially structured aerial classes. Why don't you just give it a try and...

"Take Flight Through Fitness and Dance"



Pretty Kitties Burlesque CompanyPretty Kitties Burlesque Company

The Pretty Kitties Burlesque Company sets out to put the ass in classy. From flirty classical burlesque to modern erotic arts including chair work, pole dancing and even a bit of hula hooping, for a non-stop entertaining and titillating show. Composed of trained and talented performers, our goal is to provide high quality entertainment of the playful adult kind. Sultry and sweet singing adds another sexy dimension to this talented troupe.



Bombshell Belly DanceBombshell Belly Dance Company

Bringing together the ancient art of belly dance with a modern flair, this belly dance company puts on a show like none other. Sword balancing, candle dancing and luscious movements bring this exotic show into a class of its own.



Merry Mischief

Merry Mischief DuoThis playful and flirtatious musical duo is made up of the talents of Merlyn & Harry... a fun loving couple with a lot of mischief between them! Merlyn's alto voice delights the audience with a resonant full-bodied range that you want to sing along with, while Harry's tenor voice amazes people as it truly blends with Merlyn's voice. Together, their harmonies will delight you as they become one in spirit and voice. Their music is alive and kicking with silliness, humor and harmonies! Their CD "Lusty Ditties" and others will be available to purchase.



Tangents Pole DancingTangent's

Rachele Maier, owner & instructor of Tangent's Pole Aerobics, is proud to announce she is the second place winner of the 2013 Pole Sport Organization Masters Entertainment division held in Miami Florida. She is honored to be a part of 2014 REAF. Rachele teaches beginner to advanced pole dancing, silks, chair dancing, lapdance lessons & trapahoop for fitness, birthday parties, bachelorette, girls' night out & private lessons too.



Sirens and Stilettos BurlesqueSirens & Stilettos Cabaret


Zaftigg Von BonBon

Zaftigg Von BonBonZaftigg Von BonBon (Austin, TX) is an over-the-top burlesque performer who never met a boundary she couldn't tease into submission. A true student of Mae West, Zaftigg ardently believes any audience that can be shocked should be shocked more often! She is currently a performer and co-producer of Black Widow Burlesque, co-producer of Austin's Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, and performer with Austin's Naked Girls Reading. In 2013, she took the stages of Texas Burlesque Fest 2013 covered in crisco and glitter, San Antonio Burlesque Fest 2013 whipping her nether hair to the crowd's shock and delight, and the international festival SXSW Festival doing UNSPEAKABLE things to chocolate!

With a background as a proDomme and (bio)Drag Queen, she is a very big proponent of sex-positive performance and genderfuck. Although she currently resides in Austin, TX, she is from Rochester, NY originally and is incredibly excited to be a part of 2014's REAF!


Sadira and Saraswati’s Sisters

Saraswati's SistersSaraswati’s Sisters is a new World Fusion Dance Troupe and Club at Now and Zen of Rochester 658 South Ave.  We are a gathering of women of all ages and sizes who love to dance and believe that everyone can.  We can be found practicing every Sunday at Now and Zen at 4 and performing in the Rochester area. Classes at Now and Zen are available on Wednesdays at 6:30 to 7:30 pm.


Lucy Diamonds & The Valley of the Dolls

Valley of the DollsPout is a sassy seductress, native Rochestarian, alternative model and dancer extraordinaire. She loves to play Fallout 3 and paint trippy canvases. Pout is a real exhibitionist and she cannot wait to bare it all! Paprika Pasties, an artist, cat wrangler and baker of a damn-good French silk pie, first learned her tassel twirling skills in San Francisco. She's back home in Rochester to shock and awe, but Paprika primarily uses burlesque as an excuse to look sexy and ridiculous as often as possible...and get applause for it. And Lucy Diamonds is a renaissance woman; in a pencil skirt filing papers by day and crusading rooftops at night. She is the head of Sensor Bar, Rochester’s sex zine, and is the director of The Valley of Dolls. The Valley of Dolls explores the art of cosplay, fantasy, traditional, and edgy themes in their representation of burlesque in 2014.