Rochester Erotic Arts Festival

The Erotic Playground

New this year! On Saturday night, we are going to have FUN FUN FUN!

9pm - 1 am, Radisson Riverside Hotel

Your Erotic Playground entry comes with 25 tickets, which you can use to participate in games and other activities and the door prize drawings. Additional tickets may be purchased on site.

We will post things here as they are confirmed. If there is something you'd like to suggest we consider, contact us.

Pony Cart RidesPony Cart Rides

Whinnies, nickers and snorts, oh my! Take a whirlwind tour of the hotel mezzanine in a pony cart pulled by our very own Schadenfreude and Friends!

Schadenfreude is a young but experienced dominant sadomasochist with a passion for pain and teaching others about BDSM. When she first discovered BDSM at the age of 18, she was too young to join the scene, so she founded her own educational BDSM organization at her undergraduate university. Once she turned 21, she officially joined the scene and blossomed into the wicked sadomasochist that she is today.

To give back to the wonderful community that nurtured her kinky skills and knowledge, she became a deputy dungeon monitor, then a board member of the Rochester Kink Society, and now a BDSM workshop presenter.

Vacuum BedVacuum Bed

Straitjacket Steve and savvy will be your hosts for an excursion into a Vacuum Bed, where your only connection with the outside world is your face. Do you like the feel of latex? Do you think it would be fun to feel yourself sucked into a giant bag? Have you ever wanted to be Hans Solo, trapped by Jabba? This vac bed is open faced to ensure the least amount of anxiety for participants.

SJS and savvy have been presenting workshops on a variety of topics all over New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts for the last 5 years. Their focus is strait jackets and many forms of bondage, including vac beds, sleep sacks, rope, leather straps, leg irons, hand cuffs, and so much more.

Violet Wand Electrical ToyViolet Wand

Starting with a tickle and ending with branding and fireplay, the violet wand is a versatile toy for sensation play. You'll get hands-on demo time with this awesome tool, allaying your fears while experiencing new techniques.


Black Light Lube Wrestling

Blacklight Lube WrestlingWrestling takes place at midnight on Saturday. Sign up for wrestling during festival hours (Friday 7-12 pm and Saturday 12-7 pm) at the Information Desk.

We will be ladling Astrolube, "Slickest Stuff on Earth," on our wrestlers. Astrolube is a completely biodegradable, non-toxic, non-irritating, water-soluble, pharmaceutical-grade product.

Bottoms are required, tops optional. Tight fitting swimwear is recommended. Bring a bathrobe for when you get out. We'll provide a hot shower after.

Chocolate Tattoos

Henna RisingRobin Jaeckel of Henna Rising will be bringing her passion and considerable talent to decorate your body with chocolate designs. Not only will you look beautiful, but you'll taste wonderful too!

Robin is certified through the ICHNA (the International Certification of Natural Henna Artists).

Psychic CindyPsychic Cindy

Tarot readings


Chinese Auction - Door Prizes Galore!

Need not be present to win. Chinese Auction allows you to put your tickets in for only the prizes you want to win. Tickets will be available for purchase on Friday and Saturday, so you can participate in the drawings even if you have other plans for Saturday night!